Apr 22, 2009


An animal rights activist is 3rd on the FBI's most wanted list right after Bin Laden, one other, and is among 2 dozen men who's crimes all include threats to bodily harm and acts involving serious injury. DANIEL ANDREAS SAN DIEGO who just like nearly every animal rights activist abhors destruction to property, and who with certainty would never harm life, is wanted for allegedly blowing up an animal testing facility... But if the suspicion is valid, it's obvious that he made sure that the building was empty before doing such. He made sure no persons were in danger during such an act. Yet, on this FBI list, one after another are hardened violent criminals - who are charged with MURDER, CONSPIRACY TO KILL U.S. NATIONALS, ATTACK ON A FEDERAL FACILITY RESULTING IN DEATH, AIR PIRACY RESULTING IN MURDER, HOSTAGE TAKING; INTERFERENCE WITH FLIGHT CREW; AND PLACING EXPLOSIVES ABOARD AIRCRAFT, CONSPIRING TO PROVIDE MATERIAL SUPPORT TO A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION Treason, Aiding and Abetting, Providing Support to Al Qaeda, . USE OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AGAINST U.S. NATIONALS... and the list goes on and on with grave and valid threats to national security. But there is Mr. SAN DIEGO... third on the FBI most wanted list... An odd thing too... he's the only man amongst all others who is described by his dietary choice... "He is known to follow a vegan diet, eating no meat or food containing animal products".

Hummmm.... that leaves the other 23 men as omnivores. And of course it would be ridiculous to say that because of this, that they are of any greater threat than the vegan... so why mention dietary decisions at all, if not to incriminate the one as "deviant"?

And of note as well... he's also the only one listed as "known to possess a handgun"... whereas, the others - well, they have access to jets and possibly WMD - but the FBI is going to worry about the guy with the handgun. Interesting.

It's wasteful and dangerous when the FBI focuses it's efforts to a suspect, that is to any reasonable person, not on par to more serious, genuine, dangerous "terrorists". To include an "Animal Rights" activist, whose offense is trivial in comparison to the other suspects makes a laughing stock of the whole National Security effort. It confirms a paranoia rooted in a "Green Scare" mentality and is of peril to our freedoms and indeed to our safety.

And I'm not saying that this charge on San Diego is not serious or should go unpunished if found guilty... but what needs to be done is for the FBI to put this misdeed in perspective in relationship to the truly horrific acts of "terrorism".

Veganism is rooted in peace... in harmony with life... and in the respect for all living beings. In fact, one is more inclined to promote "violence" and physical harm if not following vegan practices. Please... FBI and U.S. Government officials - get priorities in alignment... before you do us some serious harm... And in alignment with mindfulness... Go Vegan


Anonymous said...

How do you know this guy made sure no one was in the building? Were you there? Did you see him search from room to room? That's quite the tall tale you are trying to tell here, it doesn't make sense.

Bea Elliott said...

I know the philosophy of veganism... and of those who desire rights for animals. It would be inconsistent to deny humans "rights" by causing harm to them. That's just not what animal rights is about... It's not about taking away rights from anyone - but rather to include all... In other words, it's not based in exclusion, but rather inclusion. It's a belief that "all" have value - not just our species.

And those who champion for veganism - wish to respect all life - this is how I can say with 99.9% certainty that if Mr. San Diego is vegan... and did indeed destroy property - he did so after making certain no harm would come to any as a result.

It is ethically consistent... and that's what makes sense about it.

And surely if there was *intent* to cause physical bodily harm - it would have easily happened as such... but did not.

Sarah said...

Great post (and great blog!). I find it ridiculous that this guy keeps being labelled as a 'vegan' as if it's synonymous with violence.

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Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: I enjoy you because of all of your effort on this site. Its been an motivation for me. I've passed this onto a friend of mine.

Bea Elliott said...

Well it's nice to know my wry sense of humor can inspire some further thinking. Thanks for dropping by. ;)