Apr 21, 2009

Hey Barbie! Horseracing is Not Vegan - Animals are Not Toys

Barbie is going to the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs is teaming with Mattel to create the Kentucky Derby Barbie.
The plastic-fantastic babe will be dressed for the occasion. Of course, the Derby is where fashion meets horse racing.Kentucky Derby® Barbie® doll commemorates the 135th “Run for the Roses!™” Ready for the winner’s circle, Barbie® doll wears a pretty floral summer sun dress. Accessories include faux pearl necklace, spring sandals and stylish white hat to protect her from the sun!

And what a stylish gal she is!

But considering, there's 3 fatalities everyday on the racetracks, thousands of disappointing foals that are bred for the "sport"... and countless horses that cease to earn the winning purse - That sends these guys right to the glue factory for sure.

And for this occassion Barbie will not to be caught out of vogue with her matching kill floor ensemble that is to die for!

The smart print apron should catch those nasty spills... never soiling her pretty blue frock underneath. Rubber boots and matching blood bucket sold separately...

Putting childish frivolity away, we know that horses, like all living beings are not toys for our amusements. Whether it's the thrill of the track, that playful delight to our tastebuds or the touch of dead fur upon our skin. All animal slaughter is wrong. All of it is needless and all of it... no matter what fashion, style or culture may dictate is ugly, cruel and unnecessary.

Three stages of truth:

  • Ridicule
  • Violent Opposition
  • Acceptance

Respect Life... End speciesism - Go Vegan

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