Apr 20, 2009

For the Planet - For the Animals - For Health - Go Vegan

So this is good news - since I've been vegetarian for 7 years (vegan for 1.5) - I've saved 1960 animals by choosing a vegetarian diet! And by sticking with it, I'll save over 7280 more! And in my lifetime I'll save 85800 lbs. of CO2e from polluting the Earth! Meanwhile in St. Charles, Minn, a fire broke out in a meat packing plant. Due to concerns of a potentially toxic chemical fire ensuing, the entire town of 3600 people were safely evacuated... None of the animals survived - (of course). A healthy planet... and compassion to animals. Time and again, we can see that animal agriculture and eating meat just don't aspire to these goals. Be kind... Be green... Go Vegan


Site Closed said...

That's a neat little gadget! :) I'm coming close to 5 months on the veg now. Feeling so much better health wise. I made a MEAN vegetarian enchilada tonight. Sometimes my cooking skills suprise me, haha!


Unknown said...

Last night my 9 year old announced that she wants to go vegan!!! I am so excited that she has made this decision on her own, and look forward to perusing your links for some good vegan recipes!!!!

Keep up the great work, Bea!!!

Bea Elliott said...

Serenity... this is wonderful about your daughter! And all you've mentioned of her sounds like you've instilled some valuable self awareness. Good on you! Kathy Freston wrote an informative piece:
for beginning a change towards healthier (kinder) eating... In a nutshell - take it slow, don't feel awful if you mess up (frequently) along the way... it's all a re-learning process. And one final mention: choose a wide variety of color and texture in your (her) foods.

I'm anxious to hear how the progress goes! I'll check in on your blog as I know you'll keep us updated! :)
Good luck - and hooray!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Klem!
A clever photographer, witty writer, mechanically inclined - and creates tasty enchiladas too!

Cheers to the Renaissance man! :)

Site Closed said...

I am a man of many talents! HAHAHA! :)


Anonymous said...