Apr 9, 2009

Human Might vs Animal Rights - Vegan Abolitionism

There is no doubt that nonhuman animals have rights... A dog, chicken, elephant, all animals have a right to live free from harm by man. But we live in a culture that ignores these rights... and we use force to deny these rights. However, just because we have the power to enslave animals does not mean we do so justly. Simply because we can remove sea creatures from water by hook or net, does not mean we are ethical to do so. Just because we can bind a chimp to electrodes does not mean we have moral sanction. And because we possess the guns to shoot wolves, deer or rabbits does not make the act correct, valid or virtuous. It simply means we have the physical or technological might, (and arrogance) to ignore animal rights. Being vegan is more than a dietary choice, it's about respecting the rights of all sentient beings. And for those who choose to ignore these rights, those who wear leather, fur or feathers, those who patronize circuses, zoos, rodeos... those who condone animal testing and experimentation... or those who think little sausages are their claim on earth, do so with disregard to others. Those who know the issues but discount them for personal trivial pleasure - are just wanton brutes with big (legal) clubs.

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