Apr 7, 2009

Meat is the Problem ~ Veganism ~ The Solution ~

This video has nothing to do with cute, fuzzy animals... there are no sad cow eyes or images of brutalized chickens. The video also says nothing about diabetes, obesity or other human health implications of eating flesh. It's just about the ecological issues - just the fate of the planet if we continue our meat eating habits... that's all - "just" the planet.

And to avoid this peril, all we have to do is just go vegan. The solution is that simple.


Anonymous said...

There are so many reasons to go vegan and each one on it's own shows so much support for it, I often have a hard time understanding how anyone caring about any of these things can not be vegan. Most of it is apathy. At least that's what I notice in friends who are not veg. We live in a culture of overwhelming apathy.

Adam Kochanowicz said...

Thanks for the post, but why is "meat" the problem? Are other animal products any more "ethical"? I think we should resist to reinforce the myth that animal by-products are at a lower rung of cruelty than meat.

Bea Elliott said...

Philosophía - I agree... about the apathy. But then we're indoctrinated to always take the easy way out. Our pleasures trump everything it seems. Not thinking and not caring (especially if no one else is thinking or caring) become so simple to do.

But every now and then... a light of reason shines through. We just need to stay at the message that "veganism is the solution".

After all... you "got it"... I "got it"... so did 60,000 others - And that's cause for optimism. :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Adam... Of course "meat" isn't the only issue - And I am an advocate of "rights" and "abolitionism". And my intent here (on this post or any) was never to reinforce the idea that any animal use is condoned.

I chose a main "battlefield" of addressing "food animals" mainly because it is the most instutionalized (and condoned) form of exploitation... The "Goliath", so to speak...

I've posted many times beyond the evils of "meat" - And I've attempted in my links to include a well rounded and complete list of sites that speak beyond the meat/dairy/egg issues.

I think every advocate has their particular "fight". Please see the question I presented on Mary's blog. I'd be interested in your input. :)

I respect your judgements and admire your advocacy for animals. I would never want to give you the impression that my concerns don't include kangaroos, dolphins, elephants, chimps, seals, dogs/cats, bison, bears, mice or wolves, etc. It is not my intent to say that it's okay to use any animal... for any purpose. Sorry if I gave you that (very erroneous)impression.