Jun 15, 2009

Animal Cruelty - Slaughter of Cats or Cows - What's the Difference?

Here's a horrible story, according to Associated Press "18-year old arrested in Florida cat mutilations"MIAMI (AP) — A South Florida teenager was arrested early Sunday and accused of killing and mutilating the cats of his neighbors — a disturbing string of deaths that has horrified residents and shaken animal lovers in two Miami-area communities. Tyler Hayes Weinman, 18, was taken into custody at a party, police said. He was still being questioned at Miami-Dade police headquarters while authorities praised the arrest at a press conference Sunday morning." "I understand that pet owners feel very strongly about their little family members," Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson said. "Animals bring happiness and comfort to our lives. So, to see them so violated and mutilated just defies all common sense and it's painful for everyone involved. Thankfully, for this community, the terror has come to an end." The police said that some of the dead cats were missing fur — neighbors said some had been skinned — and appeared to have been cut with a sharp, straight instrument... He used tools to slice open cats' bellies and gut them, often throwing the carcasses in front yards where they were found by horrified pet owners. For more than a month, gutted cats with crushed skulls appeared on owners' lawns eyes had been gouged out and her snout cut off. Here are some comments from members in the community which I also wish to examine. A 77-year-old remarks that the boy's family must be in a sort of mourning, "It's like a death in the family, I'm sure." "Twisted and depraved, somehow really not right as a human being.'' "It's shocking to think that someone who lives right here and is our neighbor could do something like this." Someone else says they have a hard time picturing the teen as a serial cat killer."I don't think, the way he acts and his demeanor, I don't think he could physically do it." Yet, what if this boy had gotten a job at the local slaughterhouse? What if he cut the throats, dismembered and skinned animals all day? What if he enjoyed this job? Does this make a difference in their perception of what is evil? Do these people not see that they are paying others, even younger to do this deed... for a living... So that they may buy their packaged body parts of other animals in the grocery store? ''Cruelty is inhuman, no matter what form it takes. 'These awful scenes inflicted a great human toll.'' Yes it does, cruelty against animals has been closely linked to crimes against humans. And the kill floor at slaughterhouses has a 100% yearly turn-over rate. ''Our communities have been on edge for many weeks now because of the horrific and unspeakable slaughterings of many of their beloved feline pets.'' "I sincerely hope that with his arrest, the residents will feel relieved and their cats will be safe once again. It is expected that the vicious crimes that have plagued these communities will not be repeated.'' What if people would acknowledge that their cats are actually no smarter, or more aware, or more interested in continuing their lives than the cows, pigs and chickens that are brutalized every day? Would they see that they are responsible for the "horrific and unspeakable slaughterings" of those animals? Ahhh... but they will say that such horrors are a necessity. That we need this food of flesh to live. Yet, most would be told by their doctors to reduce/eliminate flesh consumption. Most might be obese because of a diet high in fat and animal proteins. Many are probably on cholesterol reducing drugs - or have heart conditions being closely monitored by their physicians. So the "necessity" is hardly a reason for justification. The choice for other foods is abundant in the grocery isles filled with thousands of healthier alternatives. This story clearly illustrates the moral dissonance society must face. And if a person avoids this reckoning aren't they guilty too? Just because your neighbors condone and mutually participate in a wrong does not make it right. Just because you avoid thinking about something doesn't mean you're absolved from responsibility, even if you are paying someone else to do the crime. "Hopefully he gets what he deserves." "He should go to prison for life". His bail has been set at $154,500. Still don't get it? Simon blow torches his dog:

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