Jun 16, 2009

Being Vegan is a Compassionate Choice

Of course if you do not eat meat or consume animal secretions - you have absolutely no need to watch this video:

However... if you do consume animals - there is absolutely no justification you can give for not watching. This deed is being done in your name... paid for by your donation.... done by your will and consent.

If you find the video offensive please reconsider your part in this barbaric tradition of meat eating and make the compassionate choice to go vegan.


Unknown said...

If people did a self-test and went vegan for a little while, they'd realize their bodies feel so much better! I think vegan should be a prescription for health issues!!!

Bea Elliott said...

I agree... and aside from the health - it's a pity they don't know how really tasty vegan food can be... :(