Jun 11, 2009


'Unstoppable' swine flu declared a pandemic, the first in 41 years. The flu is now in 74 countries.

Farmers, meat processing workers, and veterinarians were studied and all three exposed study groups demonstrated elevated odds for exposure to H1N1. This indicates that occupational exposure to pigs greatly increases workers’ risk of SIV infection.

People to pig, pig to people, pig to avian, avian to human, and avian to pig transmissions occur. This phenomenon also contributes to rapid genetic change for SIV. The above describes mechanisms for genetic change when coupled with modern swine husbandry makes swine flu a dynamic disease. The potential for rapid genetic/antigenic changes has made this zoonotic disease difficult to control. source

The short of it is... the industry may continue to use it's "pork check-off dollars" to convince people that their product is "safe" to eat... What they don't tell you though - is it's not safe to "make".

Flu or not... eating pigs like any other animal is totally unnecessary and takes an awful toll on innocent, sentient beings. Go Vegan

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