Jul 14, 2009

Animal Rights Confrence Los Angeles - Vegan Activism

National Animal Rights Conference! Wow! What a great event! The worlds longest running animal rights conference is coming up this weekend, from July 16-20th in Los Angeles, CA. This is a great opportunity to meet other activists, get inspired by incredible speakers who have accomplished incredible things, and of course to stock up on vegan food and Animal Rights gear! Wish circumstances were different so that I might go too... But I've got great friends who will return with lots of enthusiasm and new strategies. Have fun guys -- I'm there in spirit!


Camille said...


You will definitely be there with me in spirit -- my closest abolitionist ally!

They're not ready for us Bea!

Bea Elliott said...

Hey! I don't even think LA is ready for you either! LOL

Please take lots & lots of pics! It's going to be so great!!! :)