Nov 25, 2009

I was for Animal Rights - Thoughtfulness for Turkeys

I didn't eat a vegan meal... But I know I was for Animal Rights I guess I was about 5 when this photo was taken... It's a very modest table setting - representing what a single mother could afford, made more special with a candle and a cake... I can't honestly remember back 50 years ago to what I was praying for then... I didn't have an understanding of war, or poverty or death. But what I do remember is what I thought of animals... I loved them! All of them! Whether their homes were in a barn, cave or tree. I was taught to be kind to them. And that their lives mattered. I understood that hurting them was a bad thing to do... At five, and a scant 40 pounds I would have defended terrible monsters who might do harm to my animal "friends". At five, I hadn't yet asked what I would soon learn to "forget" or rationalize; That it is wrong to cause unnecessary pain, suffering and death. At five, I lived my convictions for what merit they had... At five I was for "Animal Rights". And at 55 I am for Animal Rights anew! I've had decades to discover obscure truths about "necessity", "need" and "fairness" to Others. No, I did not "mourn" for the turkey's stolen life then... Nor do I do so today. To all who live thoughtfully - Happy ThanksLiving! Please Go Vegan


Ignatz said...

That is so lovely.

Bea Elliott said...

Why thank you Ignatz! It's good to connect with our inner child... We all had such kind beginnings - Being vegan gets us back to the justice of it all! :)