Nov 23, 2009

Humane Turkeys - Cheap Meat - Same Slaughter

There is an article here which compares the impracticality of selecting a "free range" 80 dollar turkey as opposed to an industrial carcass which sells for 88cents/lb. The argument is that animal industries have provided us with cheap food, so consumers should take advantage of the savings. On issues regarding the "humane" treatment of "Free Range" turkeys is questionable... "Free Range" labels mean very little and standards are not enforced by any regulation... And the fact is that most of these birds still endure a harrowing transport to a brutal slaughterhouse... Right next to his brothers raised in a "factory"... Or at the very least... your turkey met it's worse day at the hands of a "private butcher". How "humane" is it to cause that to happen? Now, the cost of the industrial bird also has payments not seen at the register: Because "factory farmed" animals are raised in extreme confinement they are given antibiotics and drugs which make our own medicines less effective... The manure from poultry houses or other "livestock" facilities is responsible for the contamination of ground water and rivers... Leaving taxpayers to pay for the cleanup. Meat packing and slaughter plants exploit and abuse, not only the animal victims but the human workers too. So, if one is concerned with these issues: The economics.... The "fair" treatment of living beings... The health issues, and the environment - there is a third option which this article avoids - If one is sincere when they say these things matter to them... The option is to leave the turkey off the plate entirely. The option is to not support a business or "tradition" that violates Others. Walking the walk - and meaning what you say... means to make a sincere effort to follow through with action that is part of the solution. The most immediate and concrete effort one can make if they claim they "care" about the "welfare" of these turkeys, (or any animals) is: DON'T EAT THEM. Very simple. Still, I know that the vast majority of people will say one thing... And do another - And as long as everyone else is in the party and the denial: Let the rose-colored glass, feasting begin:

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