Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and RIP My Hen Liz - Go Vegan

Liz is gone. I went to let the girls out this morning and she had passed during the night... I kept telling myself through all these months that when she did go - I'd accept it so much better, because I knew she lived a good (long) life... (considering). Every chance I got I asked other "chicken people" about her breed... and when to expect her organs to fail - They were right... 10 months were all her body could endure. So I'm not really wishing a Merry anything to the evil industry or culture that made her into the "meat machine" that she was... So big she could hardly walk... Too big to roost with the others at night --- But her dear little chicken brain couldn't understand why not... We even built a "handicapped ramp" for her to get higher at night. Still after she waddled up, to get to her sleeping box, she'd moan and complain --- She so wanted to be with her flock. For her size she had the sweetest disposition. Her feathers were like velvet. She was the first baby "chick" I ever knew - (or lost). What a thing to have happen on Xmas eve... But I hope this short capsule of her life might be a "gift" to those who might sympathize with her story... and who might Go Vegan. Indeed - Liz was a "tough old bird"... And will be dearly missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi I just saw your video about Liz. I'm very sorry for your loss! I'm sure Liz has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and waiting for you! Merry Christmas!

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anonymous - Thanks for your kind words! Liz was a sweetie indeed... Happy Holidays to you too!

Powered By Produce said...

What a sad thing to have happen right before Christmas. Seeing Liz next to the other chickens is quite shocking. Is her size due to breeding?

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Powered By Produce! Yes, it was her breed that lead to her very early death... She's what they call a "Cornish X" 90% of all "meat birds" are this type - Made to put on an extreme amount of weight in a short time. Time is money right?

We tried very hard to keep her active & kept her diet strict. But you can only control so much of what destiny is in your genes.

Thanks for seeing what a lovely girl she was... Happy New Year to you!

Site Closed said...

Well I guess 10 months is a damn sight longer than the 45 days most "meat birds" live for before heading for the slaughter house! She was truely one lucky bird when you think about it that way. :)


Bea Elliott said...

Thanks Klem... You're sweet to remind me that Liz had more time than most. :)

I meant to pop in and wish you a happy holiday but things got crazy... In any case - hope it was grand!

Greenconsciousness said...

Thank You for everything you did for her and the others too. Thanks and blessing all over you.

an animal life said...

You keep chickens? You evil animal abuser.

"Too big to roost with the others at night ---"

Unlike some breeds, Cornish hens don't like high roosts. If you had cared about her you would have found out this small fact and built her a special roost just six inches off the ground.

What happened to "liberation by any means necessary"?

You ARA's make me laugh, when a poultry farmer keeps chickens its "evil" "abuse" or a "prison" yet you do the same thing and it's OK.

I have trouble getting my head around that. Could you explain why it's OK for you to keep hens but wrong for someone who makes their living from it?

Greenconsciousness said...

Because they did not torture the chicken by stuffing her into dirty overstuffed cage or genetically modify her so that she was obese or toss her into boiling water to kill her in the cheapest way possible.

Bea Elliott said...

@Greenconsciousness -
{{{Thank you}}} But actually Liz was quite the blessing for me. As sad as it was to see her go - I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

It pays to make friends! I'm on the rescue list at the "feedstore"... Even the employees dislike "destroying" the ones that need a little TLC. And who can possibly blame them! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

@ an animal life:

Yes, Liz did have 3 "special" boxes... each at different heights. But she always preferred the highest one - Closest to the rest of the flock. Hence the "ramp".

I don't mind at all explaining how these birds came to my care... 10 are rescued factory "egg hens". The place which housed 850,000 was ready to gas them all. They stopped being "productive". I managed to save the ones I could.

3 peeps came from a local "animal market". They were the last of the chicks - The man said they weren't worth keeping the bulb on them... It's always the same story - The cages (or electricity) is worth more than the lives... I paid him 2 dollars for the 3 of them - So they wouldn't perish or be "destroyed"...

And Liz? The feedstore received a shipment... She had been pecked and was bloody. The medicine and "special care" to nurse her back isn't part of the routine in these places, as you probably know. The woman who is in charge of extinquishing these misfortunate ones gave me a call... Of course I went running. And always will.

Now - Your last point about making money from animals... These hens make eggs - about a dozen a day. What eggs I don't feed back to them - I give away... To neighbors/friends (mostly seniors) who are stuck in the archaic belief that they still must eat eggs... (nasty habit). I know they won't go vegan - So it's the best thing I can do to prevent them from buying eggs from the store... No, I've never collected a dime from the eggs, and never will.

Lastly, how am I different from a "poultry farmer"?

I am not keeping chickens to "make a living"... I "keep" chickens so they can "keep" their lives.

Good day.