Dec 18, 2009


To encourage a plant based diet, I often say that we should stop fattening animals in order to fatten people. But starving 28,000 cows and sheep in the middle of the sea, was not what I had in mind. Not at all. And thinking about animals traveling by boat - I'm reminded of this Christmas decoration I recently unpacked... It's very delicate and makes a tinkling sound when it moves. It's quite lovely, I've had it for years. But with my current awareness and vegan views, I've come to see this ornament quite differently. You see, there isn't an animal on this ark that I can delight in, without remembering the exploitations this particular "species" is subject to: Elephants are chained, giraffes are penned, lions are caged, rhinos are poached and mice are murdered. Chimps are in labs... and every animal is in trouble. But the unicorns? They just got darn lucky I guess! Xmas ornaments - part 1 of 3

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