Dec 19, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, there are things about some Christmas trinkets and holiday ornaments that I will never look at again the same way - A memory that stands out for me when I see these little vintage ladies with their "fashionable" fur muffs, is that I too possessed one of these. I remember how happy I was when one was given to me - As a Christmas gift of course...
But I was young, and didn't know at what expense my fluffy rabbit muff was gotten at. In my child's mind I thought owning and carrying the muff was like being closer to one of my animal friends. No where in my wildest imagination could I have known - or understood what I was asking for then.
But surely we all know now about the cost of furs... And how totally unnecessary using animals as "clothing" is. Please leave furs off your body... and leave bodies off your plate. Go Vegan
Xmas Ornaments part 2 of 3

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