Jan 25, 2010

Dairy Sickens Residents - Some States Care - Wisconsin Could Give a Cow Turd...

When my neighbors had a contractor who fowled up their renovations... I listened to them. I made sure I didn't call the same unreliable and unprofessional people to do my work.
Similarly, when my friends had their car engine poorly serviced by Mr. X mechanic --- I made sure I kept my vehicle out of his hands...
Logical - right? You learn by mistakes made by others... Well, such is not the case with the two neighboring states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

You see, the residents of Thief River Falls, Minn. have been in a 3 year battle with Excel Dairy.
"People who live within a mile of the dairy were sickened by the stench from uncovered manure pits. They complained of headaches, nausea, breathing problems and sore throats from foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide emissions that shrouded their homes."
"The operators had more cows in the barn than they should have had, they built a feed pad without permission, and they tried methods of treating manure that weren't approved. Cows were removed from the dairy after an agency order a year ago. Excel has not fulfilled another part of the order, to clean up three manure lagoons that still emit gases", Assistant Attorney General Jeff Grell said. "The dairy also left a pile of feed on the property, in defiance of the state, and rats and other animals have moved in. They also ignored orders to repair and empty manure ponds and failed to cover manure ponds that can hold 33 million gallons of manure."
Neighbors for more than a mile around have been enduring extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide. (intense rotten egg smell)
One resident said: "I used to be happy all the time, and now I feel like I'm drowning. We feel like we have no control of our life with the barn's odor trespassing on our property all the time. It is not a manure smell, it burns your eyes, your throat; you cannot be in it. It is so brutal, it takes your breath away, you cannot breathe it, [and] it goes through the walls of your home." During the warm months of 2008 and 2009, the dairy exceeded safe levels of hydrogen sulfide nearly 800 times. The Minnesota Department of Health said the fumes were so bad, people living nearby were evacuated.
So, you'd think that their sister state of Wisconsin would benefit from this ordeal and be cautious about the health considerations of their own citizens... But not so.
I guess it's true what they say... People get exactly what they deserve.
I'm taking bets now... Within 4 years this "new dairy" will be responsible for the same ill health that the townspeople in Minnesota are suffering.
Oh yeah, I'm also wagering too - That the additional 4,000 cows will be just as "happy" as the original 4,000. Happy to be confined. Happy to have their calves stolen from them. Happy their young are going to grow up to be nice little "veal chops". Happy they themselves too - will meet the "humane" captive bolt, and that their hides will be immortalized as tomorrows and yesterday's fashion accessory.
If you don't like environmental pollution - If you don't like air and water contamination - If you don't like animal suffering AND use - Please... Go Vegan

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