Jan 29, 2010

Extend Your Kindess to Those Who Need it Most - Go Vegan

Elaine Vigneault at Vegan Soapbox does some incredible vlogging for veganism on youtube... But this is my favorite video of all: I'm sure we all like to believe we are kind... But most of us never really question what kindness truly is... If kindness, compassion, generosity, peace or justice is to have any meaning at all... If it is to be genuine.... Surely it does not do so by excluding those who are most vulnerable. It does not do so by denying those most able to benefit from "kindness and compassion". Suppose there was a contest to help the most needy person in the world... This person who "won" would receive clean water, shelter, electricity, food, etc. Now, the only thing is, the person must register to be a contestant for this prize. Of course, this unfortunate person does not have food or bear essentials --- Let alone a telephone, internet or a postage stamp to fulfill the requirements to "qualify"... And any reasonable person hearing this would say the contest was a sham! Likewise, nonhumans who are most at the "mercy" of man's exploitations... Also cannot "register" or "enroll" in our "prize" of compassion. Indeed some people try to deny kindness to animals because they lack a "soul". Of course a soul isn't a tangible thing --- And the concept could have very well been invented by man in an effort to justify his using of animals to begin with... Are you with me? The crux of it is... Are you extending your compassion to those who truly need it? To those who suffer and are violated most? Or is your "gift" of kindness limited to only those within your pre-determined ((human) group? And more importantly, do you exclude some from the "prize" because you enjoy hunting them, wearing their skin, riding their backs, watching them perform; Or because you use them for experimentation, breed them for income, or kill them for the eating of their flesh? What kind of person are you? Do you limit your generostiy to those who benefit least, or to those who are the most missed? Come on! You know you're a good person! You know you want to align your actions with your values! By going vegan you can do just that!


Anonymous said...

Animalls aren't human, Who told you that???

Bea Elliott said...

And where on this lovely earth did you get the notion that one can only extend kindness to humans???

I suppose it might be a hold over from the idea that we should only be kind to fellow "Christians", or fellow "Babtists", etc... Or we should only be kind to "whites"... Or that men are the only ones who deserve respect?

This ideology is ancient! We are soooo past that limited rhelm of nonthinkng!

We are all fellow earthlings:
"And I am my brother's keeper And I will fight his fight, And speak the word for beast and bird, Till the world shall set things right. "
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)

Anonymous said...


Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - you do amuse me to
no end!

Anonymous said...

yea and you are pretty funy, you really shouldn't dwell on made up pictures like that!

Anonymous said...

There are no arguments to make the case. It is impossible for six billion people to eat ANYTHING - animal, vegetable or mineral - EXCEPT at the expense of some other species. You can wipe out ALL living thing on billions of acres of land with pesticides to produce vegetables, or you can kill the equavalent of one cow to supply animal protein to a family for a year. The entire vegan argument is false to fact. IS THIS NOT SOOO TRUE AND DOWN TO EARTH?

Bea Elliott said...

Hello... Of the 6.7 billion people on this planet about 1 billion don't even eat "meat". They live off the grains we "share" by not feeding them to livestock. Other people like the Inuits live in remote areas where no plants grow.

This video and post was directed to each one of us capable of reading in front of our lap tops, and going to a modern, fully stock grocery store to make "choices".

There is a world of difference between the accidental deaths of animals due to crop harvesting; And the deliberate breeding and killing of 10 billion innocent animals.

These animals eat crops too! We are using twice as much pesticides to supply food for them as well... Let us grow something that needs no "middle" consumer.

Furthermore - If we stay stuck in this "animal eating" cycle we will never explore or create new technologies and science that can, will and should feed the expected 10 billion people by 2050.

I'm speaking of hydroponics, vertical farming, urban & rooftop gardening, sea barges yielding crops, humanure, "vat" meat, etc. There are solutions for the "world" and for "future" food.

But in the HERE AND NOW - The question was: Are YOU a kind person? Not the bushman 3,000 miles away! And not the generation beyond!

If we remain in this "meat" mentality we will have dire consequences in the future... And creating those problems for our kids isn't a very kind thing to do either.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bea, I disagree, we have ate meat for centuries and there have been no dire consequences.

Bea Elliott said...

No dire consequences??? Only the needless slaughter of incalculable billions of innocent animals!

But when you view the lives of Others in such a way as to exclude them from your moral circles --- I guess all the bloodshed does seem "ho-hum".

Sorry, I don't EVER want to be that emotionally dead.

Anonymous said...

You are emotionally dead, i am quite sure you would rather kill a human than an animal and so would your friends.It is IMPOSSIBLE for six billion people to eat ANYTHING - animal, vegetable or mineral - EXCEPT at the expense of some other species. You can wipe out ALL living thing on billions of acres of land with pesticides to produce vegetables, or you can kill the equavalent of one cow to supply animal protein to a family for a year. SINCE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, YOU STILL ARE WILLING TO CHANCE IT. YOU ARE ALREADY EMOTIONALLY DEAD EXCEPT FOR THE LESSER SENTIENT BEINGS AS YOU SO IGNORANTLY CALL THEM.

Chastity said...

Without reading the above thoroughly because it's the same tripe, ad nauseam, I decided to pipe in.

First of all, my animal consuming friend took an anthropology class and his professor said that humans were meant to be herbivores.

But because this is hearsay, I decided to cite another source. The University of Calgary recently found that man has been eating grain for 100 000 years.

So this whole "we evolved from eating animals" notion is a total fallacy.

To the person who said that Bea is emotionally dead, you're probably trying to provoke but whatever. I'll say what I need to say. Your defeatist arguments are coming from a lazy stance. You're probably the same person who sat on their ass during the Haiti situation and criticized others for not trying to help Darfur and other human rights related circumstances.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous... No, you are wrong. I do not wish to harm any being... Or deprive them of their freedom! And we are not talking about 6 billion people! I'm addressing each and everyone sitting in a comfortable space --- While typing and being entertained on their computer! If someone can read this - They have the ability to make other choices! I'll save the Inuits and bushmen to make their own way to CIVILIZATION - By then... we might have "evolved" ourselves!

Chastity, Yes... we were opportunistic herbivores, and it seems to me we should be focusing on new technologies: urban farming, greenhouse expansions, vertical living walls, barge cropping, humanure just to name a few... Just the water issues alone make animal eating a doomed future....

Thanks for your input - I agree: "tripe, ad nauseam"!