May 29, 2010

Cruelty to Cows - At the Dairy & At the Slaughterhouse

Cruelty to Cows - At the Dairy - At the Slaughterhouse -Here's the difference: At a "farm" cows and calves may sometimes be beaten with fists or poked with pitchforks.

At a slaughterhouse cows and calves are ALWAYS "poked" with stun guns.
ALWAYS blasted with 200 pound per square inch bolts to their heads.

ALWAYS have their throats slit

and are ALWAYS needlessly killed!

Please... ALWAYS remember this when you make your food choices -
Please... (always) Go Vegan.


an animal life said...

Bea, I have another question for you:

If an animal in a slaughterhouse is stunned with a boltgun, which renders it senseless, and it then has it's throat cut, which drops it's blood pressure to zero and effectively stops it's heart, how come it is then skinned alive?

Bea Elliott said...

an animal life - I'm really surprised at your question... You seem relatively intelligent enough to figure out that laws, rules, regulations and so forth are not necessarily adhered to - Especially in regards to what happens to animals while they are being killed. But since you asked:

They Die Piece by Piece from the Washington Post:

In 1992, Simon Kestin of Bristol University reported to the IWC's Humane Killing Workshop (IWC 44/HKW) that 53% of young bulls killed in British slaughterhouses were improperly stunned and may have been conscious during the bleeding-out stage.

For its review, the GAO (US General Accounting Office) scrutinized records of noncompliance with humane handling and slaughter requirements between January 2001 and March 2003, as well as enforcement actions taken by FSIS inspectors and district managers. The analysis revealed 675 violations at 272 facilities, which represents approximately 30 percent of the slaughterhouses in the United States. The most prevalent type of noncompliance was ineffective stunning.


Bea Elliott said...

"5 to 10% of cattle are not stunned effectively with the captive bolt - or up to 230,000 animals a year. These animals experience the pain of being shot in the head and will either be stunned again (a difficult procedure) or continue on for knifing while conscious.
Firing of a captive bolt according to the manufacturers’ instructions ***should*** lead to immediate destruction of the skull and the brain and, as a result, immediate death. But of course we know in a slaughterhouse sh*t happens... "If the brain tissue is not destroyed the animal may come around. The use of a captive bolt does not always successfully stun the animal. The most common failure in stunning is due to improper positioning of the bolt, which is a particular problem where cattle are agitated and struggling. Other problems may be due to inadequate maintenance of the pistol. Mis-stunning causes considerable distress and can mean the animal is still conscious during throat cutting. The period of unconsciousness induced by stunning should be longer than the period between stunning and sticking plus the time taken for sticking to induce brain death."

Calves are likely to be stunned electrically. Electrical stunning involves passing a large voltage across the animal’s brain. Electric stunning of calves induces a much shorter period of unconsciousness than in other species (around 18 seconds). A number of studies have shown that calves also take longer to lose brain function after throat cutting. Anil et al (1995a) found that responsiveness can be present in the brains of calves for as long as 104 seconds after neck-sticking. Because of this many calves show clear signs of recovery during bleeding out (14,15).

In 112 cases, ineffective stunning resulted in one or more conscious animals moving to slaughter. In 55 cases, ineffective stunning was documented but not that a conscious animal was slaughtered. This could happen if, for example, multiple stunning efforts were required to render the animal unconscious. In 21 cases, inspectors noted that an animal was observed to be conscious at slaughter, without indicating ineffective stunning. This could happen if an animal regained consciousness after being effectively stunned.

In one case, inspectors had prepared 16 noncompliance records, all related to the ineffective stunning of animals. However, the district manager did not take enforcement action.

When Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned animal science authority, conducted a survey of 24 slaughterhouses in 1996 at USDA’s request, she found that only 36 percent were able to stun 95 percent of the cattle on the first try. When she repeated the survey in 2002, this time visiting 80 different plants, she found that 94 percent were able to do so.22 While Grandin’s second survey shows a significant improvement, it still indicates that hundreds of thousands of animals were not stunned on the first try, as required by the act. Thus, there may be undetected instances of inhumane treatment. Dr. Grandin believes that effectively stunning animals on the first try 100 percent of the time is unachievable—

I could go on & on but in truth... If one eats meat there's a very good chance that sooner or later they will consume the remains of an animal who has been "disassembled" while "alive". Yummy thought isn't it?

Finally, this only covers the animals recognized under the "Humane" slaughter act... It does NOT include more than 9 billion chickens, turkeys, ducks or rabbits that enter the killing houses... For them, there isn't even the false pretense of some kind of "humane" regulations. It doesn't take too much to figure out that it's all just a farce to keep animal eaters in their "bliss". The saddest thing of all is that none of it is "necessary".

an animal life said...

Bea, do you ever use your own experience to influence your thoughts and ideas or do you always reiterate those of other people?

How many animals have you actually killed with a boltgun? Yourself, I mean, with the gun in your own hand?

Ten? one hundred? None? When you can tell me that you have actually used a bolt gun or at the very least personally witness someone using one on at least ten occasions, I may begin to take your accounts seriously. In the meantime I will believe what I have witnessed with my own eyes in both large and small slaughterhouses on two continents.

Bea Elliott said...

Are you serious? All the accounts I've listed about animals being dismembered while still conscious come from highly credible US government agencies... All I did was "copy/paste" - I EVEN left in the title of "renowned" in the qualifications of T. Grandin. And her view was "that effectively stunning animals on the first try 100 percent of the time is unachievable—"

Every link I cited was a valid source of information... Now, I've never witnessed a person drowning, or being stabbed to death, or hung - Yet, I know these things happen because they have been documented and reported by reliable sources... I've never seen a woman being raped, or a child beaten to death --- Yet, I know these things happen too because of reports and news that is trust-worthy. Now - Are you saying that one should not even trust documented government studies??? The US Government Accountability Office is bogus in it's findings? Well then, gee - perhaps there are even more than 10 - 20% of cows, pigs, sheep and goats that are being eviserated while "live"? I mean - if their studies aren't to be trusted... How do we know that 90% aren't being gutted while still conscious? Your disbelief in statistical evidence and factual reporting only adds further confirmation that some people just refuse to think critically and are incapable of objective thought. I know it's frightening at first - But if you just give it a whirl you'll find opening your mind is quite liberating!