May 26, 2010

Mercy for Animals Ohio Dairy Investigation - Kicking Calves for Cheese

Oh - Oh! What did the dairy industry go and do now??? Forceably impregnate cows? Steal calves milk? Take babies? Send them all to slaughter? OH wait! All that's "legal"!

But beating cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails, and punching, throwing, and kicking calves is not...

All this for the sake of a little cream in your coffee?  A bit of fat ladden "cheese" on a pizza?  This is "humane" "food"?  Please reconsider what you will tolerate as a decent human being - Go Vegan


Anonymous said...

One bad apple does not make all dairy farms bad and if you were more informed you would know that.
Funny thing is this guy was beating them for no reason, to me that is kind of suspicious, especially when you go to the mercy for animal site and the first thing they want you to do is DONATE!!!

an animal life said...

When will you get it into your head that no one can forcibly impregnate a cow. Just because a cow (or sow, ewe, turkey or any other animal) can be artificially inseminated, there is no guarantee the animal will become pregnant.

Anonymous said...

animal life, you can't tell bea elliot anything because she sits at her __computer__ and looks it all up, she has no farm experience what so ever,lol. She also has no common sense to help her figure things out.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous this is just an egregious example of "typical" "standard" practices at ANY dairy. I mean when you have a license to kill them - the steps leading there aren't really strewn with rose petals now are they? Please use your "common sense"!

@ an animal life: So the "logic" is that since the artifical insemination may have to be done multiple times to "take" - It makes the first try not so bad... Got it. Any more gems of wisdom?

an animal life said...

Bea, please explain something to me.

I say, this was an isolated incident, you claim it is common practice.

Why? what benefit is it to the farmer to abuse the animals in his care?

for a dairy cow to be highly productive she needs to be in excellent health and not sick, injured or stressed. So what dos the farmer gain by abusing her?

Absolutely nothing, it is counteerproductive to abuse animals. Not to mention that 99.9999% of livestock farmers love and respect the animals they care for and would never dream of hurting them.

No farmer I know would have stood by for a month passively allowing another person to hurt those animals in the name of evidence. they would have stopped it. I would have stopped it had I witnessed it. Would you? Or would you have continued videoing?

Bea Elliott said...

Perhaps this was an isolated incident... But one that happens many, many times more than undercover investigations are capable of documenting. After all, this place was just another dairy selected at random. From my knowledge there has yet to be a hidden camera on any farm which did not result in a "reveal".

What benefit is it to the farmer? Why none, except the release of frustration due to economic loss and the bitter self loathing of what one does for a "living". Many beat their wives or kids too... I've watched people punch holes in walls and throw hammers at their cars... What's the benefit there? Psychological disorders are beyond my ability to diagnose - Doesn't mean they don't exist.

These animals were "worthless" anyway - They were scheduled for slaughter due to mastitis and lameness... Calves in a slaughterhouse are worth about $20.00 - More cost to feed them to get there than what they are valued at!
In fact, this particular dairy was cited for violating the disposal of several cow carcasses... The bodies weren't buried deep enough -More digging = more labor = more cost. You do the math.

Now the "livestock" farmers that "love" and "respect" their animals? Again, you and I have a totally different dictionary from which we are pulling our definitions from... "They wouldn't dream of hurting them"... What do you call trucking them to a slaughterhouse to be hit with a bolt gun, slitting their throats while their hearts pump the life out of their bodies??? Oh - That's not "hurting" them... That's just business. I've heard that a thousand times before.

I'm still standing by my belief: If you love someone, you don't kill them... Naive I know - but hey I'm an "extremist" vegan --- I'm supposed to be kind and compassionate to a fault. So there you go! ;)

Would I have stopped the investigation? Probably - I'd make a lousy investigator... Thank the gOds of truth that there are those who can stomach injustice for the sake of long term benefit. Those are the courageous ones that can maintain their patient cool... Me - I'm just a softy... I would have turned the pitch fork against the brutes and blown the whole gig! I'd be in jail - The Conklin gang would still be at their mischief - And the sad state of animal agriculture, meat eating and animal enslavement would not have had it's story told. I'd just as soon be an activist on my own turf and support my comrades in the ways I'm most effective. Knowing which battles you're good at is half the fight! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to get your ass off the computer and go visit some dairy farms, dumb ass city slicker, sorry for the foul language sometimes there are no other words to describe you!!!

Anthony said...

I've worked with rescued farm animals for several years, and I've seen animals come straight out of farms of all kinds.

First, it's absolutely absurd and categorically wrong to claim that farmers love and respect their animals. Just take a few minutes to reflect on what it means to love and respect an individual and compare that with the things that are commonplace on any farm.

Second, anyone who claims that animals won't be productive in a stressful environment obviously knows very little about animals. Dairy cows especially are under constant stress and are often subjected to some of the worst diets. I wish people would stop speculating on things like this about which they somehow believe they're knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Some farmers choose to deny it, whether they are a part of it or not, because it has the potential to destroy their business. I suppose instead of hiking skeletons in closets it might be time to do some cleaning.

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks Anthony - I agree with you... Some people (especially animal users) have absolutely no honesty in their choice of words. "Love", "care" and "respect" mean specific things and they don't include: physical mutilation, intensive confinement, forced impregnation, stealing off-spring OR killing!

There is but a short time limit to the "productivity" of farmed animals. Dairy cows are lame and crippled in about 3 - 5 years. Factory "egg hens" in 1 - 2 years... This represents a fraction of their natural life expectancy... They are slaughtered when they are no longer "any good". If such "care" is given to these animals why are they disposed of so young? Anyone can see the contradictions and the lies.

gaeaphilia I'm all for exposing the myths and hidden skeletons - Time to see the naked emperor for what he is! Time to shed the phoney "happy meat" "reality", rose-colored pretenses.

All animals value their lives equally. No one wishes to be killed. It is not necessary to do so. For those who want to create a better world - Eat like you mean it...
Go Vegan

dunoverit said...

I bet this stings then... the farm is going on with business as usual. With NO charges. I guess you guys are never going to win ;)

And in case, just in case, bea deletes this. Just google ohio dairy farm sentencing or hearing

Anonymous said...

No one is calling you a human abuser for keeping that stick shoved up your ass, are they?

Bea Elliott said...

Uhhh... dunoverit - If Bea deletes this you wouldn't be able to tell them to google "ohio dairy farm sentencing or hearing"... But I really don't see how it makes a difference. The court system as we know is a sham! Remember when they found the pig being hung to death "legal"?

And besides - This was a no win from the beginning regarding farmer conklin - He was just trying to get a downed cow up! It's just "standard practice" to kick them while they're down... For their own good of course.

Strange though, I've heard a lot of people say that if kicking a downed animal is just "normal business" at the dairy, maybe we ought to question how badly do we really *need* dairy in the first place??? People are pretty smart after all - aren't they?

And anonymous - The stick up my *ss - Would make me a masochist... Not a "human abuser". But nice try at being clever anyway. ;)