Sep 20, 2010

Mary had a Little Lamb - It Followed Her to the School Cafeteria - And Across an Ocean

Courtesy of the USDA - which has recently bought 180,000 pounds of lamb leg roasts at a cost of approximately $676,000. 
These products will be distributed in federal food and nutrition programs.
“We are pleased that USDA is able to send lamb into nine different markets through the federal food program,” comments Glen Fisher (Texas), president of the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI). “This is an excellent opportunity for people to taste a meat that they may not otherwise have tried.”

Now why is it so important to give people a "taste" for a different kind of animal flesh?  Because really, it all tastes "like chickens" - that taste like pigs... that taste just like us!  Think of it... No animal has any particular "flavor".  There's no such thing as "chicken flavor" or "lamb flavor"... It's all done with seasonings and spices - That come from (you got it!) PLANTS!  That's what makes food taste good!  I challenge any meat eater to prepare whatever pound of flesh of their choice totally without plant based seasonings - They will quickly find their food bland and totally unappealing.  This is why "beef flavor" is a total myth!

The U.S. slaughters approximately 42,000 sheep and 39,000 lambs per week.  Year to date exports is roughly 62,000.   About 5,000,000 live sheep are exported world wide. The video below shows their harrowing journey to their final destination:

Both here and abroad... It's so wrong to kill Mary's little lambs.
Please consider a compassionate vegan diet.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, have you ever eaten TVP plain, just boiled with no added flavoring whatsoever? I have. It's delicious!

veganelder said...

Given the amount of corporate influence that has come to characterize government agencies (supposedly established to protect citizens)...I don't find the behavior of the USDA surprising, just saddening. When profit rules, we all become fools...and the non-human animals pay the price.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Anonymous... No I haven't! Guess I was afraid it would be bland. Think I'll give it a try! ;)

Oh veganelder that is my song all the time! Nonhumans are the new "slave" no doubt about it - It's economics that rule their fate. It just boggles my mind to think we can barter, trade and marginalize life for the sake of "bottom line". It's just so wrong!

Keep waiting for the rest of the smart people in the world to wake up to it... Know you are too.

Oh... BTW - Tucker is turning into a blondie boy. His brown fur is replaced with golden hair... Who knew? He's getting smarter everyday. And he's part yours too you know... Lucky you - you get to avoid the piddle puddles!:)