Sep 22, 2010

Thousands of Chicks Burned Alive in Poultry Warehouse Fire - Who's Responsible?

About 16,500 four-day-old chickens were killed when a Delaware poultry house caught fire.  If this does not bother you please proceed immediately to your spiritual adviser or mental health professional.  News flash: decent, emotionally alive people should care about this!  
For your conveinence I have provided a list of possible excuses one might use to "care" but not alter the buying/eating practices that cause such a holocaust of newborn innocent life:
  1. It is necessary to eat eggs and chickens.
  2. The chicks probably didn't feel a thing.
  3. It was an accident.
  4. This is the way "poultry" is grown.
  5. These warehouses should have sprinklers.
  6. This doesn't happen often.
  7. The chickens/eggs I eat are "humanely" raised/killed.
  8. I try not to think of it. 
  9. I like the taste of chickens/eggs too much live without them. 
Now if one of these "reasons" (or one I haven't listed) is what you use to continue to eat chickens and eggs - Please leave a comment as to what flavor of morale dissonance you've selected.  I shall be more than happy to help guide you in a more enlightened direction.  

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