Oct 1, 2010

350 Pigs Saved from Transport Accident - Happy to the Market they Go! Weeeee!

729 pigs were in a transport truck... Guess they were heading "to market" when the truck overturned, killing 385 of them.  A witness said "“I’m glad everybody’s OK. I was worried about the driver."

Three vets managed to "save" the others an awful death inside a tomb of steel.  And happily they were able to make their scheduled rendezvous into the caring  hands that waited for them at their journey's destination!

Yeah... Surely there they were treated nice and "humane"-like. Don't cha think?

Your little sausages and chops cost others so much...
Please won't you choose a compassionate vegan menu instead?


veganelder said...

The predilection of human animals to ignore the existence of other animals is both sad and repulsive. We have refined self-centeredness to a bizarre degree.

Bea Elliott said...

I certainly see it too veganelder... We value our own wants to such a high degree that we've convinced ourselves of our "right" to other lives based on the might to take them. Should another race of beings descend upon us however - A bigger "better" kind - I'm sure we'd scream at the top of our lungs that we should be shown "mercy" and "justice" for our lives.

Jo Tyler said...

yes...the self-centered-ness. I am sometimes struck hopeless by the selfishness and apathy of people. I have recently shown images like this to students only to have one or two of them say, "Yeah, but I have really particular taste buds." Or, "yeah, but I've tried fake milk and it makes me want to vomit."
What do we do with people like that?

Bea Elliott said...

"What do we do with people like that?" Gosh I sure do wish I knew... I think sometimes they're just afraid. They've cut off some emotional intelligence - Maybe because they were ridiculed or made to think of feelings as "weak".

In any case, they are victims I'm sure of some kind of ignorant act or faulting parenting. No decent person could be taken seriously who voices those types of excuses for barbaric, needless carnage.
(imho) ;)