Nov 2, 2010

Poor Fish Hunter Gets a Boo-Boo... Hooray for Karma - Cheers for Justice

Just this morning a guy whined about a finger that was filling with infected pus after a catfish barb punctured his delicate flesh while he was "fishing". Awwww....  For all the hooks, gaffs and knives that fish-hunters pierce innocent bodies with - I can only hope a similar experience to all of them.
Ya'll want sympathy? Try showing some!

I mean really... What kind of decent person would deliberately try to get an animal "caught" by a "hook"?  What kind of decent person does this for "fun"? Either their parents never taught them empathy... Or they just didn't learn very well. It is terribly cruel. It is mean! It is wrong!  Literally "catching" them as they are trying to do what it takes to survive: "eat".  These animals never did anyone harm - There is no self "defense". Yet people go out of their way into the "domain" of the sea to pursue the lust for blood and victims... All under the guise of a "sport".  Pitiful bullies is all they are! 

See the terror as these people are fearful that they might loose an eye... Imagine the fright as a living being fights for their life as their lungs are crushed by our oxygen.  It's like a human suffocating and GASPING for air to breath.  Ah... But this is what these fish-hunters enjoy - "The fight" and the "victory" over little fishes... Sad, puny people hurt defenseless animals for entertainment.

It's always easy to use might on those who are smaller and more helpless than you... But often Karma has a way of equalizing the score.  But not one to spread any ill will - I must ask ---

How's the finger doing anyway?

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veganelder said...

Thank you for speaking for our sisters and brothers that live in water. They tend to be the truly forgotten ones.

I like that last pic. :-)