Jan 1, 2011

2011 Happy New Vegan! Time for Compassion and Peace

We humans have such a luxury of time!  We can calculate how many minutes to bake a cake... Or know how many decades our life expectancy should be.  We have science to mark our ancient past and nano seconds that speed into the future.  And we celebrate time in some significant way every 365 days - Champagne and confetti bring in the Happy New Year!

But I was wondering in all that we can measure in space organized by our rules - Can we ever know the final moments in the life of an Other?  The cow...  The pig...  The deer, horse, bird, whale, dog, mouse, man, frog, fish or feline?  

No, we can't know - We can only imagine what that last bit of time must be like.  Life clings even when "Hope" says to give in.  We can't comprehend how life struggles for one more breath... For one more second...  How it desperately wants to hold on to it's time... To it's beingness... To it's life.

So who among us dares to cut short the time of an Other?  And by what right?

In 2011 it is long overdue time to have the Peace we so desperately need?  Choosing compassion is a great first effort towards that goal... Please Go Vegan.


veganelder said...

To live as a vegan is to avoid stealing from others what is rightfully theirs....their time, their breath, their life. Happy New Year to those who do not steal....a wish for a year of changing to those who continue to thieve.

Bea Elliott said...

Yes it would be wonderful for people to make themselves honest souls. If only they'd realize how truly wealthy they'd be with compassion as currency. Happy New Year to you veganelder.

Krissa said...

This is a great post. Wonderful message to start off a new year with! All sentient beings have a right to peace and happiness. And we humans have a great responsibility to use our (undeserved) position of power in this world with compassion and empathy. What is needed is education. Empathy does not come naturally to all humans, but if we were all taught from birth to behave in ways that are compassionate, what a difference that would make. ... Hope your 2011 is off to a good start!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Krissa, Out of the gate on a New Year and I'm already behind! Sorry to be so late in acknowledging your wonderful hopes for a better future! You're so right about education and empathy... This is the lesson that will propel us to a more Just and kind world! Happy (belated) New Year to you too! :)

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Happy (extremely belated) New Year Bea!

And thank you for all you do to help people see how wrong it is to devalue the time of other species. Here's to another year of trying to get the vegan word out! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Ahhh... LOL! And you see I am just catching up as well!

I'd say that thousands more people have been exposed to facts and ideas they didn't know at the stroke of midnight a few months ago... Everyday brings new hopes for a better world. Thanks for being a part of that change too! :)