Jan 8, 2011

Animal Ag - The Reckless Gamble Just to Eat Meat

A few headlines about some foolhardy "food" mishaps that have surfaced in just the last few days...
In Europe thousands of tons of contaminated feed  was sold with 77 times the accepted safe limit of dioxins for humans.
Said to have been sent to pig and chicken farms in Germany which prompted the government to close 4,700 farms across the country.
If you're curious what hazards there are to ingesting dioxins here's the low-down... By the way, 80% of time this carcinogen is introduced into the human body through meat, eggs, milk and farmed fish.  In other words: animal products.
And since late December Avian Flu has been found in South Korean wild ducks, cranes and other migratory birds as well as chickens.  Although not a huge threat to human health, as only 263 deaths in 7 years have been linked to H5N1, it certainly cost the early killing of hundreds of thousands of birds thus far.  Easy come, easy go I guess...

And this in Korea: More than a million animals were culled in due to a FMD outbreak
1.1 million pigs have been buried alive and about that many cows have been destroyed in an effort to control foot-and-mouth disease. 

So... If you know anything about animal ag... about "livestock"... and "commodities", you know that the lives lost are of little significance... All these stories have more importance in the realm of "bottom line".  What monies are to be made (or lost) on whose pound of flesh.  And clearly the top winner today has to be in Tokyo with the killing of the (nearly extinct) $39,000 blue fin tuna.  

In truth, when I ate meat I never really thought about these things.  About disease, or "wasteful deaths", or species genocide, or factory farms or any of it.  I just did my part as a consumer in blind servitude to the status quo.  But once I looked the only justification I had was that it was "necessary".  Still, looking further, even that proved to be a big, fat lie.    

So please, if you're still eating animals... If you've been able to ignore questioning why you do - Perhaps now is a good time to  look at what this meat-culture creates.  How reckless it is to human health.  How barbaric it's treatment to innocent lives is.  What are you waiting for?  There's never been a better time to Go Vegan.


veganelder said...

Every day someone delays living as an ethical vegan means another day of misery and death for those animals involved.

Bea Elliott said...

Totally agree... But thankfully there's the hope that people will change. I really believe it's just a matter of time. There really has never been more compelling reasons to stop the "meat-insanity" or more opportunities to do so! Guess just continuing to educate and educate and educate is the way there... Thanks for support and for all you do!

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

I'm hopeful for the future too -- have to be, otherwise it would be that much more difficult to carry on. But maybe one day there will be lots more people debating the moral cost of eating other species, and deciding that it's time to start doing the right thing.

Bea Elliott said...

I'm hoping those very same things right there with you SITOGV. I think we have all good reason to believe that things will change for the better... Heck, it's a matter of human survival if we don't!

Appreciate your input! :)