Jan 10, 2011

Meat - No Justification for Cages or Killing

Short and sweet - A state veterinarian did a follow up inspection at the Smithfield facility accused of animal mistreatment:
"Pigs are highly intelligent, curious animals, and there's no justification to so severely restrict their movement."

There is also no justification to kill them.  None.


Krissa said...

My father grew up on Long Island. Before he went to college he worked on a "pig farm". I've never asked him for details. It's too heartbreaking. When he went to college he was going to go to Veterinary school, but ended up enlisting in the Army - this was during the Viet Nam war. Anyway, I've seen so many horrific photos and read the horror stories of pigs and other farmed animals..... I have no idea how anyone can witness those things in person, perpetrate them on those beings - I just don't understand. I am very glad that some veterinarians and veterinary students do seem to care and have their patients' well-being in their heart. It must be very hard to be a vet and see some of the things they see and not be able to truly help.

Bea Elliott said...

Krissa I'm sure your Dad did witness some horrible things. I have a friend in Canada who used to work in a pig warehouse. He got particularly attached to a certain sow and hid her every month when the truck would come to gather the ones headed to the slaughterhouse. It really broke him up when his act was discovered and she was sent to be killed. Good news is, he's vegetarian now... People are changing! Even vets are making the connections. I hear 15-20% of vet students are vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons... It really is a matter of (education) and time... Let's just keep telling our story! :)

veganelder said...

It is heartening to see that 15-20% of vet students actually live in ways that preclude harming their patients.

Bea Elliott said...

I was amazed at that number too. But why would I question it - It's coming from an animal ag source. I'd think if anything they'd want to dim the numbers down.

But of course it's totally consistent with what caring people should be concerned about regarding animals: Not causing them to suffer needlessly. To live "in ways that preclude harming their patients" --- Exactly!