Feb 20, 2011

Kill the Wild Cows... Slaughter the Docile Ones???

A cow-slave transport truck toppled on a freeway, ejecting 16 beings into the air to land onto the asphalt of the highway... One cow died... Six had to be "euthanized" because they were "wild".

Makes you wonder though - What was the planned destination for all these unwilling, (peaceful and not so) captives?  Surly it isn't only the gentle ones that meet their end at the knock box?

No... I think there are the frightened ones too... And the ones that panic... And desperately fight for their very lives!
I think there are even brave ones who plot and struggle with the intention of just turning around - So they might escape the terror and fear.
Might there even be sad ones... Because they suffer the treachery of it all?

No, I don't think it is the "wild cows" that we need worry about... But the savageness within us.

Should anyone doubt that our species is vicious in it's treatment to other living beings please watch Earthlings.  Then EVOLVE.


veganelder said...

We would do well to mourn the wild ones, the frightened ones, the brave ones, the sad ones...for they are not only innocent beings suffering and dying for no good reason...they are victims of a flaw in us human animals that is pervasive and profoundly destructive. Thanks for honoring the "wild" ones (and all the others).

Krissa said...

This post made me cry - just the words you wrote. I think of my cow friend every day and the others she lived with and what happened to them. And your words are my deepest nightmares when I think of them. Not to mention if she or any of them ended up being "downer cows". When I first found out what that phrase means.... Well anyway, I guess part of being vegan (compassionate vegan) means your heart breaks all over again every day. Maybe one day it won't be that way anymore.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video, "Compassion is the New Intelligence," by David Coles and Philip Wollen, and am blown away by the beauty of these two men who speak the truth to power. I went to the website but didn't see this video (saw several others). Could you please give us the direct link to it, Bea? I would like to share it with some ready-to-be-receptive, caring people. Thanks for sharing! ~ Anon-O

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - Yes, I suppose that's what we do: mourn over such needless deaths! And the murder of our compassionate virtues. As I see it the very best within us is trashed by frivolous gluttony. It's hard not to stay bitter and disappointed by "us." But for me, hope remains possible knowing that there are kind, generous and responsible people such as you. No words to say "thank you" enough!

Hi Krissa I saw a photo of your cow friend and she IS a beautiful being! I say "IS" because the deep respect for her life stays in your heart-Even as your heart breaks. :( As long as she's in your memory and you continue to fight for her brothers/sisters/sons and daughters her life will have the honor it deserves. <3

Hello Anon-O! I like how that rolls off the tongue! ;) Glad you found the video (and message) rewarding. Here are links that should lead lead right to it: http://davidgcoles.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/life-love-compassion-the-future-of-humanity-has-arrived/

"Compassion is the New Intelligence" = Caring is Smart... Very simple thought behind a complex idea. It IS not only the right thing to do but also a key to our very survival. In a very pragmatic, ego-centric way... If one loves our species - We *have to* love them ALL! Any which-a-way you look at it - It's to our benefit to do (and be) GOOD! ;)

Anonymous said...

What lovely replies you always have, Bea. Your abbrevianted "Caring is Smart" is wonderful! Reminds me of that tiny Smart Car! How 'bout Smart Car(ing)! :-)

Yes, if one loves our species, it means that love exists, and is therefore capable of being extended to every species. There's no Mason-Dixon line separating one species from another. We're one! All members of, manifestations of, the seamless universe of our Maker Mind.

You are so right: it IS to our benefit to do (and be) GOOD. Anon-O (yeah, it does have a ring to it, sorta like Cheerios or Spaghettios or Dynomite, to quote Jimmy Walker!)

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

I think I'd be wild too given the fate ahead of me!
I'll have to check out the video.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Anon-O, "Smart Car(ing)"! Now that's très chic! And your ideas and expressions of a "seamless universe" is a beautiful notion. It's obvious you carry that peaceful vision in your head and heart. It's comforting that there's plenty of room for you to share in it. Thank-you.

Hello SITOGV - I hope that watching the video will only further your resolve... And not make you experience more sadness or anger. Honestly, I put videos like this up for those unaware ones that might be passing through. I never inend for someone who's already witnessed *more than enough* to have to be exposed to more grief. BUT you are welcome to send all of your non-veg friends over here! They are the ones that need an eyeopening view. Oh but sadly, I think they are with my non-veg friends... Hanging out in Willfully Ignorant Lane, at the corner of Blissful Boulevard in La-La Land. :(