Feb 21, 2011

Some Steal Cows - Others Steal Cow's Lives... Flesh as Profit

Stolen cattle abused in theft attempt.  Clearly there is no honor even amongst thieves!

Whether it's rustlers, "livestock" producers or meat consumers -
All have a direct hand at stealing lives and causing suffering and harm to these gentle animals.
Please do not support crimes that perpetuate violence and greed:

Opt for a compassionate plant strong life instead...


Anonymous said...

Interesting juxtaposition of pastoral scene and starkly worded (branded) sign. The first is how we wish cows began and ended their lives; the second tells the sad facts: "EATING MEAT MAKES CRUELTY PROFITABLE" (Yes, possible and profitable).

When Judah asked his brothers -- "What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood?" (Gen. 37:26) -- whether it was worth killing Joseph, they concluded "no."

I wish people would arrive at that answer today regarding our brother bovines.

The story made me think about how animal farmers seem to care about the abuse of "their" property before they're ready to sell "it," but once "it" is out of their eyesight and they've pocketed the cash, that caring disappears mighty fast. What about the abuse to and in the slaughterhouse? That's not their business -- literally or emotionally.

Which proves that the caring is about no more than preserving their possession to get top dollar for "it."

Down the road apiece, when livestock goes the way of the iceman, veganic farmers will look back with amazement at the days when cattle were considered to be "things." We're getting there, intransigence of the slow-to-awaken-pokes notwithstanding. ~ Anon-O

veganelder said...

"There were just several things that people that raise cattle don't actually do,"...this sentence is attributed to the man on whose land the trailer full of stolen cattle was abandoned.

He needed to add the proviso of "if they want to make a profit". There is little that people that raise cows won't do if there is profit involved...obviously the life of the cow matters only in terms of profit potential. This truth was pointed out by the previous commenter.

When goobers who raise and murder cows for profit begin to posture about their treatment of those cows...well...you sometimes wonder why cows from all over the world don't tear down the fences just so they can be raised and murdered by those goobers cause they treat "their" cows so good.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anon-O! Yes, you're right, visually the two images to almost tell a story by themselves... I suppose that was my subconscious working behind the scenes?

About the animal users pocketing the cash (silver coins?) and then not caring any more totally illustrates that all their "concern" was trumped up to begin with. I don't think it's something that operates like a faucet... Not if it's genuine anyway.

I like your view of the future - And the way you word the "slow-to-awaken-pokes." I'll have to remember that phrase when I'm tempted to call them much less tolerant names.

Hi veganelder... "Goobers" is also an excellent name to remember!

I believe you're totally right about the "anything goes" treatment to animals with the caveat that it should also make money. And too as we've seen vets will also support nearly any practice as long as it's in line with "service to man" and profitablity. Makes me wonder sometime, if they did a study and found that all farmed animals would be more "productive" if their left foot was removed at birth... Would society accept it all as good "science"?

I've even heard people say that it might be "best" for the animals if they were engineered to be blind - They'd be "easier to handle"... and besides: What do they need their sight for? It's unbearable to think if we don't turn their future around in a drastic way soon... What "science" and economics might have in store for them. :(