Apr 24, 2011

Easter Chicks, Bunnies and Hams ~~~ Celebrate With Friends!

Happy Easter to everyone... 
It's true that chicks and rabbits are celebrated on this day ---
But if you don't know what happens to them the rest of the year - don't you think it's time to learn?
The Bunnies
And just by chance should you be curious about where Easter "hams" come from...

I think you'll find that the best way by far to celebrate Easter is to extend that joyful spirit to all our animal friends too!
Hippity, Hoppity... :)


veganelder said...

Family will be at my house today, I will listen, but I can be certain that none who eat sentient beings will mention the suffering or death of any animal, although they will have contributed to these injustices during this year.

Yesterday I attended an event with some 200 or so people, food was catered with many items being from the bodies of tortured and abused victims, none who "ate" them honored their pain, mentioned their lives or their deaths. Those I spoke with about this either joshed or moved away (as soon as they could without being too obvious).

We seem to celebrate lies, untruths and fairy tales...we seem to abhor truth, reality and responsibility.

Silence helps forgetting, helps non-acknowledgement, helps responsibility avoidance, helps hide shame and pain.

Hippity, Hoppity... :-)

Bren McClain said...

Thank you, Bea, for reminding us all of this important words. Bless you for getting the word out.....

CQ said...

I don't think I'll click on the links you provided, Bea, because I know what I'll find.

I trust you mean for those links to be clicked by the individuals who veganelder describes so aptly and eloquently this way:

"We seem to celebrate lies, untruths and fairy tales...we seem to abhor truth, reality, and responsibility.

"Silence helps forgetting, helps non-acknowledgment, helps responsibility avoidance, helps hide shame and pain."

Bea Elliott said...

Gosh veganelder - I'm so sorry the nonthinking world operates as it does. That people move away when you bring this subject to light proves how very disconnected they DELIBERATELY are. Part of me always wants to remember how sorry I feel for them... For not being courageous enough to THINK beyond their gullet. It's hard to be generous with sympathy though - As they cause such devastating suffering themselves.

I admire you for trying to change things though... It shouldn't be so very hard to get people do be kind and just. But it is. :(((

And thank you too Bren - For healing the world in your own special way. <3

Hi CQ! No, those links weren't meant for aware eyes and minds - Only for those still asleep. I'm forever challenged as to what will rouse them... What will it take??? Perhaps nothing ever will for some. - Still I know we can't help but continue to try for the sake of the innocent and for the sake of Truth.

How to paint landscapes said...

The bunny in the egg looks great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Daniel... As a former landscape painter myself - You're link and videos may coax me back to the easel... I do miss it. But then there's all the work to be done for the real bunnies and others and that's hard to put on hold.
Thanks for the visit. Happy painting!