May 4, 2011

Farms That Harm - Farms That Feed * Blood VS Food

I always wished that there was something I could call those in animal "agriculture" that more closely defined their trade... After all, I do LOVE the fine people that grow the food which nourishes me, and they are very different than the ones that breed animals for blood, bone and flesh.

So I'm very grateful that John Sakars made the clever distinction between the two...

And what about these people who work the "nice" harms?  They will say that the animals are very happy and well cared for... The man who raises cattle enjoys seeing the "cycle" of life --- But that "life" is abruptly ended at a mere fraction of it's potential.  How is that "life"?  The woman is always "awed" to see that new mother cows know exactly what to do... And of course her family "eats like kings".  What an odd, warped world these "nice harmers" must exist in.

Now after undercover investigations like the most recent one from Mercy for Animals, these harmers come out in full rank to defend that their businesses... They will say that most places take great "care" of the animals they "love".  We've all seen and read this countless times.  They will also say that they encourage transparency and encourage questions... This may be so initially, but in my experience once the conversations get too "uncomfortable" they will discontinue them.

Case in point - A little more than a year ago Mercy for Animals conducted yet another investigation on a dairy farm.  I engaged in a conversation at the "Dairy Goddess" site and after posting a few comments of unwavering disagreement - The discussion was "closed". 

And just last week a few advocates participated in a debate on the Farm and Dairy site.  The "last word" was had by eliminating the "reply" button.  Well! Guess that's one way to win an argument!

There are many other instances of this hiding-habit of the harmers to shut down verbal exchange - But thus far, a conversation is allowed an open forum on this Brandi Buzzard site.  In fact I'm encouraged to share this with other advocates so that all views can be considered.  If anyone's interested here ya go:
Still No Excuse: Owner of E6 Ranch Steps Up

Finally anyone who's been reading my posts for a while knows I'm keeping a running tab of the "food animals" raised "humanely" who have perish live in burning infernos:
From Farm to Fridge and Fire Along the Way - Got Mercy For Animals?
Mooving Along to Burned Cows - Cash Cows & Viral Video Cows
Farmers Aren't Practicing Birth Control - Your Husbandry & Proliferation Is Killing Us!
And so I add 4,800 pigs killed in a fire in northeast Iowa.

I know without a doubt these pigs were being tended to by harmers... Not farmers.
So please... Support your farmers - Eat all the fresh fruits and veggies that you know are better for you and kindest to the animals.


Ian Elwood said...

Thanks for your commentary, I appreciate you reposing my short film, "Farmers Who Care."

CQ said...

That song about "harmers" versus "farmers" says it all, John. Great job!

And Ian, thank you for the beautiful film contrasting the seemingly good work of farming ("harvesting" means betraying friends) with the truly good works of rescuing (saving friends).

I hadn't heard of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton, CA, until now (the word "Harvest" in that name is so different from the harmer's euphemism to describe the murder of cow friends).

As usual, thanks, Bea, for the superb job you do pointing out the blatant contrast between compassion and coercion.

"God bless us every one!" ~ Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Love the distinction between Harmers and Farmers. Will start using that! :)

Have Gone Vegan said...

Oh, and I wanted to add that you have a lot more patience than I do Bea! I followed some of the discussions you linked to and it's like you're talking to brick walls. And I almost left a comment at the Brandi Buzzard website questioning her love for animals, but didn't want to undo whatever good you might have done. Hopefully though you've planted seeds of doubt in her mind.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Ian! Thank you for creating it! Not too many videos show this side of "harming" - Great job! ;)

Blessings back at you CQ!

Yes, HGV - I guess I do have "patience" - Or at least I always have the thought/hope that with enough reason sense will make sense! Now is that too much to ask??? :/

I did post a response to BB site- I think I addressed all her concerns and more... I have every idea though that the conversation will stop with "There's a difference between pet-animals and food animals. We need them to nourish us. That's what they were made for." In fact, I could almost bet that's where the discussion will end -

Oh well, as you know - That's when it's great to have your own blog... Our next post can always be the "last", accurate and truthful last-word!

Thanks for the visit! ;)

veganelder said...

Harm vs Farm...excellent! Thanks Bea for all you do to help life.

Bea Elliott said...

And thank you veganelder - For all the same reasons! <3

Anonymous said...

Accidents happen. We all will die some day. Some of us in fires or other terrible accidents. We have no control over our own death.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anonymous - First off the conditions in these factory farms leave absolutely no chance for a single life to escape any kind of fire. They are not equipped with fire alarms or sprinkler systems due to costs... You know about the fire in the garment industry sweat shop I assume. The public outcry against such conditions should happen on these factory farms too when there is an inferno where beings cook to death.

Finally, accidents happen for sure. But man is the one forcing these beings into a situation they don't want to be in. Nothing justifies that. If "accidents" happen to us - We aren't in confinement or imprisoned while they do.

Thanks for your concern.