Apr 11, 2011

Farmers Aren't Practicing Birth Control - Your Husbandry & Proliferation Is Killing Us!

With a cluck-cluck here and a cluck-cluck there I add  285,000 chickens who perished in a fire in Maryland last Tuesday...
With an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there 800 genetically advanced breeding pigs were flown on a 747 to China.
With a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there Idaho gets busted with illegal drug residue found in cow's milk and dairy cows at slaughter. But not to worry... They've got a few passed bills to help suppress this kind of news.
With a neigh-neigh here and a neigh-neigh there Idaho also manages to keep horses off the "pet protections" list... This keeps the options open for when/if they build their "humane" horse slaughter facility, most likely on an Indian reservation. Nice huh?
Finally, with a bah-bah here and a bah-bah the lambs born this last winter will be fattened just in time to make it to the festive Easter celebrations only weeks away!   And I guess it's true as one of these farmers admits... You can't keep them all!  

Too bad Old MacDonald never considered birth control as an option... 

It really would be such a better place. :( 

If you have the inclination to consider any of these animals as "food", please know that they are sentient beings.  They love their lives just like you and I do.  There are many better options for nourishment -
Please, go vegan.


veganelder said...

It would be a better place. Definitely. But then Old MacDonald would not be able to sell those (and pocket the cash) he can't keep...but he could figure out some way to get cash that doesn't involve exploiting sentient beings. Even a more better place then.

Good post, good images. Thanks

SBH CLAY said...

The covers of those old books that teach children to love all animals are so precious.

To think that a deep dark secret has been allowed to flourish behind the backs of the innocent readers of these books ... to think that these children are deceived into eating the parts of the friends they make through these lovely books ... is truly macabre.

It is SO important that we each face up to our own hypocrisies, no matter how ingrained they are in us, and no matter who ingrained them in us. No matter what our walk in life, we are morally obligated to deprogram ourselves from the cruel lie that some species of animals are meant to be food and others are designed to be friends. Says who?

Today I found a couple of quotes that I had saved in a file a few years ago, when I first read them. They are fitting to share here:

(1) "Tradition is like a river; it must constantly be renewed, or it grows stagnant." ~ quoted in the book, "The Presidents of Princeton University, 1746 to Present" (copyright 2002), co-authored by Frederic E. Fox, Presbyterian minister, adviser to President Eisenhower, and a college friend of my father's.

(2) Referring to the Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa's observation, "A culture is preserved one generation at a time," an essayist comments: "The challenge to each generation is to know what's worth preserving and what must be changed for the culture to remain healthy and dynamic. Any generation that excludes new and different voices, simply because they are new and different, strangles its cultural soul." ~ freelance writer Christine Venzon in a HomeForum essay, "A balancing act: preserving the past or letting some of it go," Wednesday, May 17, 2006, The Christian Science Monitor.

Enough of strangling our animal friends and our cultural soul, not to mention our spiritual expression of Soul.

Enough already!

Have Gone Vegan said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we really did treat animals as if they were our friends? Someday...

Anonymous said...

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Bea Elliott said...

Yep - It would be so much better if Old MacDonald would have had a sanctuary... And grew real food... And practiced genuine care for his farm-friend-family. Better that he sell carrots and beans! Hey! I think that would be a great idea for a child's book encouraging rights and kindness! Not the version that depicts the reality of "factoryfarms" like Roth's "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals".http://www.wedonteatanimals.com/home.html (Although I think it's a courageous and ground-breaking publication.)

What about instead, a tale of how things ought to be? It *would* be nice if we really did treat animals as friends! Why does Old MacDonald have to be the bad guy??? Any aspiring authors out here? I'm certain this story-line would make a great book for more thoughtful juvenile education!!! It's on "the list" - I'm sure of it! :) Thanks for the inspiration veganelder & Have Gone Vegan!

SBH CLAY - Yeah... I'm a sucker for vintage books - Especially with animals and kids. I love the portrayal of innocence. Perhaps that's why I'm always yaking about feeling betrayed --- But then I know many others knows the story of "treachery" too. :(

It murders and robs our emotional intelligence - Yes "Macabre" - You're right!

Your quotes #1 - If tradition is like a river then no, I don't want it to stagnate. But I do want to redirect it - And I think that is happening all the time. Not like a dam breaking open, with churning and whirling floods. But rather with trickles that are relentless... Advancing always on this new path - pooling, flowing, and gaining.

I think our cultural "traditions", especially those regarding our treatment to others will will leave it's contaminated place of origin "stagnated" and drained - Powerless. It will move elsewhere purified and clean. And the mud it came from will dry to dust. It's my hope...

Quote #2 - I absolutely love! And it's true too... I don't see abandoning every ritual or tradition! That would be like throwing the baby out with the "river" water! Let's keep the ideas that are valuable and that make sense. Lets build strength on that and be open to better ways, lest we "strangle our cultural soul".

I know it's "Enough already!" - Holding out and holding on. Thinking: trickle, trickle, trickle... ;)

Thanks Anonymous - Glad you dropped by and found something of value! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

No farms = no fuzzy little cute babies for you to oo and aa over.

Bea Elliott said...

On my sidebar is a link to Sanctuaries - It's a very, very small collection of places where animals find refuge. Google sanctuaries instead - I assure you that there will be nonhumans enough to oo and aa and care for till we liberate ourselves from the "need" to do such.

Thanks for your concern.