May 14, 2011

Gentle Mercy Rescues Calves & Children - Healing Through Kindness

A happy update from the Mercy for Animals E6 investigation! Four beautiful calves have been rescued and placed at The Gentle Barn.  Gentle Barn is a unique haven where refugee animals help human kids heal from their own wounds of misfortune, neglect and/or abuse:

"We believe that our animals are particularly healing with these children. First of all, the animals have all been abused before coming to The Gentle Barn. Relaying their stories to the children allows them to identify and relate to the pain of the animals. Often times the children share similar pasts. Secondly, as they see that the animals are safe here with us, the children begin to open up, as they too feel safe. Finally, we believe that animals, with their unconditional love and non-judgmental attitude, can often times reach kids more deeply and effectively than people can. As the children learn to love the animals, they simultaneously learn to love a part of themselves. As they learn to understand the animals, they learn to understand a part of themselves."

I believe the injuries inflicted to animals and children stem from the same source... It makes total sense that their mutual experiences will help each the same, to become whole again.
Roy, Ari, Mercy, and Bob represent 10,000 calves in JUST this ONE facility with thousands more just like it... When you're in the dairy isle - Remember these babies torn from their mothers. Remember that their food AND lives were stolen from them! PLEASE, please - You would not deliberately make a victim of any human child - Please don't make victims of the nonhuman ones either. There are countless alternatives...

Eat Gently. Live with Mercy. Go Vegan.


veganelder said...

Emotional healing facilitated by connecting human animals with their fellow animals has been a successful venture for many years.

Human children aren't as practiced at translating their emotions into human words as are adults, they tend to just feel and physically express their feelings...just like many of our fellow Earthlings. Hence, the pairing of the two different flavors of Earthlings seems often to benefit all involved.

For adult human animals, hanging around other Earthlings sometimes helps us get in touch with that non-verbal core that is our center. The Earthlings around my house are generally much more interested in what I do than in what I say. We "grown-up" human Earthlings sometimes confuse words with deeds, my house-mate (my friend Bob the cat) doesn't often do so (a loud voice might spook him some).

We all start out non-verbal, most of our fellow Earthlings have been smart enough to remain so.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Wonderful and powerful video! I hope many people see it.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder! I can't think of a more honest interaction than I/we have with our fellow nonhuman Earthlings either!

Communication (or lack of) with the up-right walkers is often so congested with ego issues, "socially acceptable" dialog, and really, just a whole lot of baggage that ruins anything genuine.

I know who I tell my troubles too - And then with their sweet, pure "understanding" my world is set right again. Meanwhile the rest of the world is hooked on anti-depressants and a plethora of other false notions that make them "feel good" for the moment. But nothing like that lasts... None of it gets to the core of what's really important.

Silent {{{hugs}}} to Bob the cat!

Have Gone Vegan I sure do hope a lot of people see this video too! With the exception of a few "uncomfortable" scenes it's just heart warming. It ought to make everyone rethink what the hell we're doing to the other's besides these precious three! I hope. I hope. I hope. :/

Anonymous said...

You won't have that connection if all the animals die. Because if we don't breed them, they won't exist. I never understood this conflict in veganism.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anonymous - Are you concerned with cows, chickens and pigs going extinct? Certainly these animals bred as "food" aren't even what nature originally made. They would not go "extinct" I assure you. There will always be sanctuaries -

The point is - Is is right to breed untold billions of creatures - just to kill - Just to keep the man-made species alive? No... It certainly doesn't make sense does it?

Thanks for your concern.