May 7, 2011

Let's STOP! Killing Other Mother's Children

Ah... Mother's Day! And don't we know the cards, flowers and candy are being showered to praise these adored and adoring Moms!

But for those who may not know... Right this very moment, indeed at any time you look at your watch or calendar some mom some where is bearing down to deliver her baby either on a kill pen floor like Spirit was born to Faith:

Or Luna born to Bella:

Or countless nameless ones on the run from being hazed back to Yellow Stone - Or marched with their newborns in "pairs" to the slaughterhouses:
In February, 249,000 dairy cows were sent through Federally inspected slaughter plants

Round the clock we take mother's precious newborns and use special equipment to break open their bodies with.  We hunt mother wolves when babies are in their dens.  We club baby seals while their mothers are helpless to defend them.  We steal baby elephants to train and "amuse" us in circuses.  And remove "exotic" babies from their homes to "educate" us in zoos.  We force infant primates into mad scientist's labs... And what we do for the want of eggs would horrify even an ogre.

We trap other mothers away from everything that's a natural instinct and dispose of her "excess" babies, a result of breeding that has created litters too large for each piglet to have a teat. We imprison tens of thousands of female dogs in tiny cages to spit out pet-store "inventory".

Yeah... We slaughter ewes with their lambs and nannies with their kids.  Strange how we even adopted "their names" sanitizing our relationship with them even more.  Meanwhile what human mothers do to their own kids in the way of shielding and warping the truth about "meat" and "livestock" is even more perverse still.

Yet, I know there are good people out there... Trying to live an honest life - And so I don't want to end this post totally on all the wrongs and harms that those "other" people do...

Instead, I'd like to praise this human "mom" who saved three young dairy calves "Maid Marion, Robin Hood and Little John".  Now, if your heart doesn't melt watching the rescue of these gorgeous little lives... You go right to your Mom and tell her she must have neglected something in the raising of you!

Rescuer: Edgar's Mission 

Beautiful Mother's Day e-cards available at cow

We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children.
Jimmy Carter


CQ said...

What lovely videos to see just before Mother's Day! Faith, Spirit, Bella and Luna (and Lisa and Joel) are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, as are the three little calves and their new mom.

Not only are the three precious calves happy, but their rescuer has more joy in her heart than those sadly disconnected workers who kicked the calf will EVER have in theirs. May they one day experience the freedom and peace that come with loving and respecting and caring for ALL individuals of ALL species.

Bless you ALL -- and Beatrice, too!

Krissa said...

This one made me cry, too. For the ones who go through such agony physically and emotionally, but happy for the ones who are allowed to love and be loved. ... Just wanted to mention - the video 'catch' (if that's the right word for where the action stops and it is a 'photo') of the monkey in the lab on the right side of your site is almost identical to what made me start going "vegan" years ago. I saw a photo of a cat in a research lab that is eerily similar to that photo and I immediately started using non-tested products for everything: soaps/detergents/makeup/etc. even though I know that it is probably "medical" research in the photo. Sadly, it took me a few more years to give up milk, cheese and eggs. So thanks again for your website. You never know what is going to click with someone and make them start down the path to being correct. It might be the words that are written or just an image - even glanced at for a few seconds. So thanks to you and all the bloggers who put things out there. It makes a difference.

veganelder said...

The Carter quote is well selected. Thanks Bea for providing an excellent example of what a mom should be.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Yay for the rescued youngsters! Personally, I think Real Moms are only those who care for babies of all species.

Bea Elliott said...

Gosh, I'm sorry everyone - I got "Bea"hind with a flurry of other activities. :(

CQ - I agree with you about the rescuer of these calves - She seems totally in her element and is glowing like a proud Mom herself! I think that's the beauty in knowing heart and mind when you're doing something right! Bless them all indeed! Thanks!

Hi Krissa! Happy tears are great!
Ah - So you too had "one image" (the monkey) that made you connect all the pieces. I just wrote on the Once Upon a Vegan blog about my "one" image. And I totally agree that we don't know what "one" image or phrase, or article, or statistic that makes someone re-think everything they thought they knew! May we all pay that knowledge forward a hundred fold!

Thanks for your comment & happy tears! <3

Veganelder I searched quite some time to find that Carter quote... Nothing of what animal advocates had written quite said it as exact as this. I knew it was the right one as soon as I read it. Glad you thought so too! :)

HGV- "Real Moms" - Yes! It's the Gaia Moms that love All! If a Mother's love is supposed to be "unconditional"... Then what does species have to do with that? Thanks for that insight! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am confused. What is the message. If we shouldn't raise animals, we shouldn't think they are cute and anthropomorphise them.

If we don't breed them to eat and wear, they won't exist anymore. So, they are cute but they wont exist anymore?

Anonymous said...

The real shame is horse racing and dog racing. Those are real heartless industries. Only entertainment. They don't have to take care of the animals at all because they are not eating them. No standards. Won't even waste a bullet on them to euthenise.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anonymous #1- The point is to allow the beings that already exist to live out the lives they are entitled to. And to not bring other beings into the world just to kill.

Hello Anonymous #2 - That is heartbreaking to hear. Never really thought of it that way... I know rodeos actually send calves and cows to the slaughterhouse with broken bones. As long as they can walk in they're "fit" for killing. What a cruel way for them all... Horses and dogs too. So sad. :( Thanks for your comment.