Oct 13, 2011

Fresh! Animal Rights Activism On The Web!

Following VeganElder's lead of introducing an impressive new blogger - I'm thrilled to add a few myself...

Many know Shelley Williams for her energetic and gutsy videos.  From her first video a year ago Earthlings: Dear DIARY, I'm COWardly to her most recent one Are You PERFECT, Shelley hits the high notes with passion, humor and irrefutable sense.  Impossible to choose... But this is one of my favorite videos with a remarkable 65,000+ views:
Sick of Vegans' Opinions:

I don't know how she manages but Shelley has also found the inspiration to create another form of advocacy by way of her new blog Oppress THIS.  You'll love her welcome message! ;)

And speaking of extraordinary talents dedicated to our nonhuman friends- Sarah Kiser has picked up the charge of speaking for dairy cows at the newly formed (resurrected) blog: Dairy Cow Diary.  

Sarah is also an accomplished artist and has used her creativity to urge ethical living in these videos.

Needless Suffering exposes the contradictions in our animal-"loving" but animal-eating culture.  The innocent visuals contrasted with the blunt truth should haunt anyone who willingly swallows the "humane" myth.

And there's also A Diary of an Animal Lover who's amazing crew of fur-companions help in a clever way to tell of her vegan journey...

Also James E. McWilliams, author of Just Foods has begun blogging at Eating Plants.

Yes, I'm sure there's dozens of new voices, new advocates, new bloggers and unique methods getting the message out... And while online activism is never meant to replace the one on one interactions that we have throughout our public life... It sure is comforting to see our numbers grow!  
How To Do Animal Rights On The Internet
Kudos to those who dedicate their time (their lives) to getting the truth heard!
The web was meant to be an information highway - Let's help close the roads to the slaughterhouses down by making good use of it!


veganelder said...

Some great resources and blogs and sites...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to VE. I find Shelley Williams' message and delivery especially gripping, and plan to share her videos with some non-vegans.

Nicola said...

Oh wow thanks so much for sharing my blog! I was reading away, thinking, ''oooh these sound good, will have to check them out'' and there I was :-)

I adore Shelley Williams, she is just brilliant!


Bea Elliott said...

You're very welcome VE - Consider it partial payment for all the great information and inspiration you provide on your spot! ;)

Thanks Anonymous - I agree! Shelley Williams is a treasure!

Thank you Nicola - For being there - For the animals! ;)

Have Gone Vegan said...

Familiar with a couple of them, but I'll be sure to check them all out. Thanks!

Bea Elliott said...

You're welcome HGV! Each voice enriches the choir that much more! ;)