Oct 17, 2011

The Morality of Animal Agriculture... Doesn't Exist

Event Cancelled!
The "swine and hog" folks were scheduled to host Wes Jamison who I wrote about before: here, here and here...

I know there's a dozen possible "unfortunate events" that might have prevented this presentation...  Given that even Wes concedes that: "Morality trumps science in debate".
I suspect that he's an absolute disappointment to the industry because he just can't get their message to the sacred, holy high-ground they want (and need) so badly!  Might this even be the reason for the cancelled speech?

Yep, considering that there are no ethical justifications to breed, confine, mutilate, torture then murder innocent beings - An oration about the "rightness" of it seems pitifully lame and futile!

Meanwhile... Public speaking coach Pamela Ziemann, author of Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals,  offers these suggestions in having productive conversations:

Be sure to check out her article Vegan Social Skills: Improvisation to the rescue.

For those who are looking for a moral life - You will not find it picking through the bones of victims.  But you will through compassionate choices. Go Vegan Now.


veganelder said...

Wes Jamison? Morals? Was this a comedy night? Good grief, if it can be distorted, leave it to a human animal to try to do so.

CQ said...

Every time I read a Bea Elliott blog, I learn something new and meet someone new. Though I already knew about Wes Jamison, I had not heard of Pamela Zieman. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Too bad Pamela's ideas for engaging in a meaningful conversation about veganism wouldn't go over with Wes.

Did anyone notice, when opening one of the above links to Mr. Jamison, the poll to the left of the article? Here are its results thus far:

With growing pressure to ban sow stalls in gestation, what plans do you have to switch to pens to house sows?

Planning to add some pens for gestation to try it out: 14%

I’ve already converted some stalls to pens: 10%

I’ve converted all my stalls to pens: 12%

No plans to convert to pens at the present time: 62%

Interesting results, considering the animal ag industry

Thanks for your opinion.

Total Votes: 303

And here I thought the industry was desperate to be perceived as moral and humane?

Bea Elliott said...

Hi VE! I don't know what it is but sometimes a particular person will just rub you the wrong way (worse than similar folks with the same message). I guess it's his righteous attitude that we can do what we want to anyone because we have privileged thumbs. Anyway, this guy bugs me to the core. Comedy night? Picture him and Temple Grandin together! Now that's sick-funny!!!

And speaking of thumbs - You are right... We do stick out like a sore one in the way we distort to please our selves. Always absurdly - Thanks for your comment!

Bea Elliott said...

Hello CQ! I'm glad you found Pamela Zieman as interesting as I... I like her enthusiastic presentations. She really could help a lot of people who are shy about speaking their message.

But really a dream debate would be between Wes and Gary Yourofsky - I'd gladly pay to see that one!

Yes... I saw the poll too. Those animal ag sites are like kryptonite to me. I start looking around - see the lies - see the power and influence they have - Then get frustrated/depressed for hours afterward. Everything is geared to extracting more profits from their machines. :(

Yes, they are desperate to be perceived as moral and humane --- But only one thing could make them so - Raising beans instead of beings. Certainly not expanding the cage sizes!

Thanks for your visit.