Nov 14, 2011

This Vegan Doesn't Get Nice, Holy Killing

Holy and home-style slaughter... There's a lot of that going around these days. In fact each November marks the beginning of a two month long blood bath of victims that will either be killed to serve "religious" custom or gustatory delight. In any case, seems like everyone wants to get in on doing it "nicely" themselves.

For instance, from The Jakarta Post: City gives all sacrificial animals a nice, clean bill of health - 10,796 cows, 964 buffaloes, 47,618 goats and 3,450 sheep were killed on one day mostly by do-it-yourselfers...

In Kuwait "My family will feast on this sheep tonight," said one Kuwaiti customer, Salah, who planned to slaughter the animal at his house. "It's fine. This is Halal."

"I will slaughter the animal in my house, because it's better for the children to see it." (Isn't that nice?)

In Spain there is the (nice) Festival of Sacrifice - Killing of Lambs

And all over the U.S. (nice) hunters will begin their annual gutting and "dressing" of their kill over picnic tables and in their garages... Just in Michigan alone hunters are expected to kill 275,000-300,000 during the firearms season that opens tomorrow...  More than half of the deer killed will be shot on the first two days, and a large percentage of them during the first minutes after dawn. Yeah... They even take their kids out of school for the (nice) experience.  

Yep, the blood sure does spill - And everyone wants to get into the act! "Nicely" of course as this Equal Time Radio interview indicates. Just 3 minutes into the discussion I heard the word used 9 times! Yes, everything about killing animals up close and personal is so very "nice".

And just think for those planning a "nice" turkey-dinner, (who can't participate in the holy-bloodletting event themselves), are paying someone else this very moment to do the deed for them!  Of course - It's all so very nice.

 [nahys]  Show IPA
adjective, nic·er, nic·est.
pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

friendly, delicate, exact, polite. 

I suppose then, that the antonyms: unpleasant,  unkind, careless and rude would apply to those who don't kill or don't pay others to kill for them.  
You know who I think is rude? People who abuse animals. Killing an animal and eating its decomposing body could at the very least be described as “rude”. Am I rude for bringing this reality to these people’s attention? Perhaps they may view it as such simply because it is unpleasant news to be confronted with. For them to call me rude for bringing this up is simply the pot calling the kettle black. ~Vegan Rabbit
Yep, that's us alright... vegans who'd rather live another way... Apparently we're rude and not so "nice". 

So as these "holy" days advance I think it's fair warning for me to fess up and admit I just don't speak the same language as others do!  

And since this is the case - Please, family, friends and neighbors spare me the confusion when you tell me how "nice" it was that your brother shared his venison with you... Keep me from being embarrassed and bewildered when you say how "careful" you are because you source "free range" eggs... Refrain from telling me how your God will offer you mercy because you "humanely" slit the throat of a lamb... I confess!  I don't understand a word you say!  

When you tell me you're planning a "nice" Thanksgiving... I haven't a clue what you're talking about!  And quite frankly... I don't want to learn your pleasant language anyway. But I do understand Benjamin Zephaniah who knows how to talk turkey AND how to be sincerely nice! 

So in your festivities and celebrations that gorge on "compassionate" murder... Consider me uncommunicative and unable to comprehend you.  Oh yeah and if you're killing animals?... 
Be sure to 


veganelder said...

Good one Bea, and you're quite correct...November starts the two month 'celebration' (orgy) of death and despair...if you're one of the sorts of fellow animals that have been 'chosen' to 'sacrifice' for us human animals. It is all a major bummer.

I like the 'nice day' graphic and I enjoyed the writing of Mr. Zephaniah very much. My deepest (and useless) apologies to all the animals that are suffering and are going to suffer and have died and will die because of the annual bloodlettings.

It is a hard time of the year that makes talking difficult and understanding impossible.

CQ said...

I wish professional (meaning "paid") newspeople would do the kind of worldwide research you do, Bea, to find the sad facts about our annual eating orgies (to borrow an apt word from commenter veganelder above).

These sad facts are all around us, though they are made to seem like happy facts, couched as they are in the cover-up word "nice."

Benjamin's turkey talk poem is wonderful, as is Vegan Rabbit's blog (I just signed up to receive her new posts).

As usual, veganelder has summed up your thoughts in a single sentence that's worth repeating: "It is a hard time of the year that makes talking difficult and understanding impossible."

Nicely put, fellow empathizers.

David Ashton said...

Right on, as usual! Every year I go to a Christmas party put on by some very dear friends. The hostess graciously doesn't show offence that I just eat the raw broccoli, cauliflower and carrots minus the creamy sauce, and don't touch the huge ham artistically sliced in a clever pattern, and graciously try not to shudder at the five kinds of pate de fois gras. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the host had bypass surgery not long ago. I love to sing, and the Christmas carols distract me for awhile from the fancy leather belts and purses and shiny leather shoes, not to mention the silk dresses and ties and wool suits. I feel a bit like an alien with my cotton and polyester clothes, canvas belt and plastic shoes. I usually have one or two conversations about vegan lifestyle or animal rights, but mostly it feels like I'm in a weird dream surrounded by sleepwalkers. *sigh* Well, 'tis the season to be nice.... I love your work, Bea.

Bea Elliott said...

Thankful for you VE! - Your apologies are not useless... They give comfort in knowing that grief and frustration is shared. Does misery love company? I don't think so --- What I'm after and always get from you, is sound reasoning reflected back at me. It fortifies and consoles. And as these celebrations approach - I rise my spirits above all the bloodshed in gratitute for allies and very special friends like you. Ever grateful! xox

Bea Elliott said...

Hi CQ - Fellow empathizer! If one ever could get paid for all this fact finding - Every cent ought to go to the care of the victims and the dismanteling of the whole machine that makes it so.

It's a brutal time of year indeed - All the wrongs are magnified by observing the way cruel traditions insist that sacrifices are necessary to complete their "joy". Ugh! I know it goes on all year long to differing degrees... But the dissonance and arrogance is super amplified now... Precious pet-turkey killing and all. :(

Glad you speak true-turkey-talk too CQ! I cherish knowing you speak my language too! <3

Bea Elliott said...

Hello David! *sigh* I know it's sad when the company you're with is half awake... But you keep singing those carols loud and clear - For what they truly mean in your heart... None of the belts or (dead) bodies ought to take anything away from your self-made peace.

Please know I count you as one of my blessings in an otherwise alien world... Shine on!