Nov 20, 2011

The Chicken, The Egg, The Cruelty - Billions Sacrificed

what is in your breakfast
if it ever cried, ever lived
and sadly, died
is not food at all
for food is meant to
not bring about suffering,
heartache or pain

Karen Lyons Kalmenson
Posted at Our Compass with the full story regarding the recent Mercy For Animals investigation into where McDonald's eggs (and all production eggs) are sourced. 

There is no system that can "serve" billions and billions without the sacrifice and bloodshed of billions and billions of others.
What Happens To The Male Chicks?
This study The Economics of Farm Animal Happiness rightfully says that there is an either/or scenario that eliminates the ability to be "humane"... That for profit - certain (most) animal industries MUST do things a certain way. 
"Sometimes it makes more economic sense to sacrifice the happiness of each animal, so that you can have more animals producing. Producers are not paid based on the number of eggs produced per hen, but rather on the total number of eggs coming out of the barn.”
Many attempt to eat only "cage free" eggs... But here are the USDA's standards for labeling FREE RANGE or FREE ROAMING
"Producers must demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside." 

In essence all this means is that if you are a hen inside one of these facilities - You're given the opportunity to fight your way through thousands of other birds to find the 2 x 2 foot opening that leads you to an exit into another fenced pen.  These exits may be arbitrarily closed for any reason and for any length of time for the "welfare" of the birds.  
The Truth About Free Range
And what happens after hens are no longer laying eggs is self evident:

If you are still eating eggs, dairy or meat - You'll find that these systems exist in every "food-animal" industry.  It is an inherent part of their economic profit... And "sacrifices" are made by everyone who's a part of it.
Sacrificed lives.  Sacrificed human decency.   

"Animal cruelty takes a million different forms and it takes billions of victims. What we do to the animals, we do to ourselves..." 
~Dr. Steven Best

I don't want to be treated as a drone or a widget... Or a consumption machine.  I want to be treated fairly.  With justice and respect.  And kindness. I don't want to serve or be "served"!  I have the choice... We all have the choice to refuse to participate in these bottom-line conveyor- belt systems.  But the victims... The ones who are units, given essentials but not comfort... Necessities but not freedom... Shelter but not safety... Care but not life... Cannot walk away and choose another course.  They are forced to endure to the bitter end.

If you've already made your decisions to change things for the better - I applaud you!  Now our message must continue till every cage is empty! Billions and billions of innocent lives are depending on us: 
Do not accept cruelty in any degree!  Go Vegan*


veganelder said...

"Now our message must continue till every cane is empty!"

Yes, yes and again...yes!

Anonymous said...

Such a great blog and post!

Jo Tyler said...

Thanks, Bea, for this post and for keeping us abreast of articles like this one on the Economics of Farmed Animal Happiness. It's amazing to me how many otherwise seemingly intelligent people claim -- "Oh, but the animals are never mistreated! The farmers wouldn't make any money that way!" As if it's the most obvious thing in the world. And because the false assumptions they hold are so strong, they never even feel compelled to look into it for themselves, and reject outright any information that doesn't align with their assumptions. They're just "sure" everything is "fine." Which, of course, couldn't be further from the truth.

CQ said...

The only thing I can add to what Bea, VE, D.E.M. and Jo have said is an example of how even the best-intentioned among us get fooled by the "experts" -- an example of why we must keep continual guard of our thoughts so we won't be duped.

Last week I was talking on the phone with a very progressive and compassionate friend who is on her way to fully plant-based eating. I *thought* she understood what happens to the chicks and the calves -- and ultimately to the mother hens and cows.

Turns out she didn't really know the truth at all, which she proved by telling me that when she sometimes buys dairy milk (between her purchases of almond and coconut and soy milk), she makes sure it is organic. And when she occasionally buys eggs, she makes sure they are cage-free.

She sounded like she was more *hoping* than *knowing* that she was doing the right thing -- yet she didn't have the childlike curiosity or humility to ASK me (she knows I've studied this subject backwards and forwards, thanks to the research of people like Bea!).

That boggled my mind. So I offered to explain why she is doing the animals -- and man"kind" -- no favors. She allowed me to do so.

At one point, when I was describing the live chicks being ground up, she pleaded, "Stop, stop, I don't want to hear any more."

I did. But later in our conversation, I told her how hard it is for activists like me when people who are as decent, open-minded, and big-hearted as she is don't ask questions, but just *assume* they know the answers, as if seeking safety in their denial.

She agreed that a curious child ALWAYS asks questions and is not satisfied with answers that don't make sense or that feel wrong.

Toward the end of our conversation, my friend said contritely, "I guess I won't be buying more dairy milk or eggs any more."

I'm grateful for her willingness to listen and change. She is a good reminder to me to keep doing the same.

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks VE - Not only do I want the cages to be empty... But destroyed as well! Pulverized!


Appreciate your support D.E.M.!


Hi Jo - Yes, it is so easy to just believe what fits in the agenda we want. Who said it that we're not the rational species but the rationalizing one. (?) Such clever tricksters we are - We can even fool our own minds. Frustrating - I know. Thanks for the comment - Let's just all keep working until everything really is "fine".


Hello CQ! What a great story about your friend who sort of knew... But not officially till you offered the proof and the reality. I'm so moved that she actually will be acting positively on the information! Sometimes (often) folks have a way of sloughing it off as nothing *that* serious to do anything about.

I'm grateful for her willingness too! And for your thoughtfulness in passing the story on. Every one of us could use a story about an open mind and big heart. (thanks!)