Dec 2, 2011

Vegans Help Stamp Out Animal Cruelty -

You might have heard - Peta is proposing a limited edition of Famous Vegetarian postage stamps - Featuring kind thinkers from Pythagoras to Russel Simmons.

I suppose this is a nice compliment to the vanishing species stamps issued by the USPS.

And the postal folks do look like they're trying the "Go Green" message with these stamps.  Great ideas for conservation... 'Cept not one mention of eschewing the largest contributor to global warming: one's unnecessary meat based diet.

Anyway... My favorite stamps have been the Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet Stamps promoted by Ellen DeGeneres.  Whenever I've bought them it always gave me an excuse to talk with the clerk about them... And leave one of these MFA Why Love One But Eat The Other fliers as further food for thought.

But I guess the stamp I would be most willing to use would be one that didn't pretty-up reality... I like things blunt as most who know me realize.  So... How about a little honesty to dress up the holiday greeting card exchange?
Just think! If these were successful- Maybe we could issue commemorative slaughterhouse series? Or ones honoring animal testing? Hum...

YOU can help "stamp" out horrible cruelty simply by going: 

Vegan Stamps


veganelder said...

Maybe a nice commemorative issue of the most egregious corporate polluters? The biggest war profiteers? The most cited for violations meat packers? If they would go the route of identifying those who have done the most damage to the planet and life thereon...they would probably never run out of ideas.

Interesting and informative post, thanks Bea.

Bea Elliott said...

VE you've managed to expand the possibilities to all the deserving meanies of the world. Yep, stamps to notate the largest oil spills... The biggest bonuses to CEO's... The owners of private prisons - and so on. If this were ever the case - I'd be sending an awful lot of snail mail to get the truth exposed.

Till then - We do what we can. :/

Harry said...

Forget the paper stamps. Expensive. Can't we rather stamp out the offenders?

Bea Elliott said...

Harry I'm with you on stamping out the offenders! I'm just uncertain on how it's done...

This slow one-by-one method is getting very "expensive" with time and victims. :(

Thanks for the suggestion though - Next time I put the squish on an abuser - I'll tell them Harry sent me! ;)