Nov 23, 2011

The Whole Truth About The Whole Turkey

To all those celebrating the holidays with a "whole turkey":
Now, that's not entirely the "whole truth" - Now is it???
Turkeys have feet...
Turkeys have heads...

Turkeys have hearts and feelings too... They'd really rather live than be killed.  

Please use your head and heart... And have a Happy ThanksLiving Day instead!


veganelder said...

Happy ThanksLiving...I like it!

My heartfelt apologies to those who suffer and die because most human animals thoughtlessly follow 'traditions'.

Thank you Bea...I hope you and yours enjoy the holiday. :-)

CQ said...

Turkeys have thoughts and feelings? I suspect young Frankie here would agree with you:

Ditto VE, as usual.

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you veganelder - My meal and celebration couldn't have been better! I'm always amazed at the abundance and variety of delicious foods at my group's get together. It's a real lift after struggling through the world's view of ThanksKilling Day - To finally get to an event where everyone is so generous with their compassion and their kind food prepared with love.

If only we could just cut through all the crap and get right to that - Boy! We'd have it made!

Hope you made your way to a peaceful, happy day too!

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks CQ! I think it's wonderful that Karen Dawn has started this Turkey-rescue tradition for the whole web to experience as well.

I'm sure with each passing year and all her well crafted stories about here friends - More and more people will see beyond just the food-bird and to the living being!

They are absolutely lovely creatures - Thanks for sharing. xoxo