Jan 11, 2012

Animal Ag Laments: ALF Risked Killing Cows

Gosh, it's quiet around here... So quiet you could hear the sound of 14 cattle trucks being blown up.

And I bet if such a thing did happen the industry folks would name the act "terrorism".  I bet they'd for call for a lynching and a hanging.  Bet they'd say the offenders should be sent to prison or Gitmo - indefinitely.

But I never figured on hearing their concern over the cows!
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Now that's strange being that Harris Feedlot fattens and kills hundreds of thousands of cows every year... I wonder if this Kim person cares about any of those victims?

And what's the deal with sending the activists to the slaughterhouse to "see how this really works" --- I think they're very well aware of the process. We all are - And none of us likes it one bit.

If trucking billions of innocent beings to their wrongful deaths bothers you, the very minimum you can do is to not participate in their murders.  Others will chose to do more according to what their hearts decide. May we all work towards a more just world.

“War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”  ~Author Unknown


Harry said...

The quote at the end is spot-on Bea. Love the truth of it.

And as to the billions killed without the concern of Kim (and most). Yep, but it's all over the news should a cattle truck roll and one or two have to be killed at the scene. Perhaps because such occurrences aren't hidden purposefully behind the slaughterhouse gates. It's just shocking when innocent lives are taken in plane view of the public ...

Bea Elliott said...

Harry - You're right about the view of the public... Seems that all unpretty things can become invisible. You're a real decent guy for not turning a blind eye. I raise my glass in gratitude!

Anonymous said...

Harris Feedlot fattens and kills hundreds of thousands of cows every year because people eat them.
Cows are delicious.
We eat cows.
This really just sounds like a first-world problem. http://first-world-problems.com/

veganelder said...

Kim Menard either has a whacky (and rather perverted) sense of humor or...she is so completely clueless that she might need some sort of assistance.

I had not seen the war/revolution quote before...excellent!! Thank you.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - I think being pragmatic is a first world problem too... Killing hundreds of thousands of cows because it is profitable and "they are delicious", hardly makes any of it ethical.

Lots and lots of other things are delicious (and healthier) too... Sorry, not all of us eat cows - In fact many of us are starting to realize dead flesh should hardly be considered "food" at all.

Have a nice life. ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks veganelder - I agree that Menard probably needs some help... But then there's a lot of them out there who do. Too bad they get to be in positions that effect others. :/