Jan 2, 2012

Singing in the New Year for Animal Rights

Four years of experience and witnessing what happens to our nonhuman friends has taught me that the bad news makes it's way no matter what.  
Still, I wanted to begin 2012 on a somewhat rare but harmonious note of positive energy...

In case you didn't see this article from Green Planet, 2011 What a Year for Veganism, it documents how much can change happen in a year.

There's also this Mercy for Animals post that spreads the news on declining meat consumption in the U.S. 

And according to this Google Trends graph - The word vegan (and hopefully all it's implications) is gaining social grounding as well.

One can research and find all the data they want about any subject that effects life on this planet... But I can only speak from my own personal experience of observing a s-l-o-w but steady awakening of important issues that fly under a vegan banner.

Each year I've met more people who acknowledge the negative implications of "livestock" and who have reduced their meat intake... More who have a daughter, grandson, sister or neighbor who is already "veg".  Music to my ears!

Rightfully so, from puppy-mills to whaling - rodeos to labs... Non-human rights are being re-evaluated as an important issue in our social progress.
What all this means is that whatever we're doing we must stay at it.  We must press harder... Perhaps even to the point of putting to end the infighting that distracts our rhythm from the goal we want to achieve.  If I've ever done so before - this year, I want to stop singing off-key about what other activists are doing wrong... And just focus on what I can do right.

Obviously our tasks are monumental... My belief always has been and still is that it takes many, many voices to fill the choir.  As long as everyone's message is to work towards animal liberation - to end this horrible carnage... They are singing my song:

Thank you to everyone who's voice is in the choir!  May 2012 bring us all comity in the name of those who we all speak for. 


jo tyler said...

Thanks for this (rare!) uplifting post. ;-) I'm with you all the way about ending the infighting which only serves to divide and distract us from the task at hand. I have always appreciated your approach and know that your wise words will help others, much in the same way they have always helped me. You rock, Bea. Thanks for being you. xo

Harry said...

I second that: You rock Bea.

I too feel that concern for our non-human family is widening. May that widening increase its pace in 2012.

veganelder said...

Comity? Excellent!!

Let's hope the "tipping point" is reached soon...

Bea Elliott said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't make a resolution to be caught up in my online activities - That would have been a major fail at the onset.

Anyway... Jo, Harry, Veganelder - Thanks for your vote of confidence - Your solidarity... And all you do to make yourselves the best bunch I know! xox many times over! <3

Have Gone Vegan said...

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year, my friend? Ugh, I'm so far behind! Anyway, it's NOT too late to express my appreciation for all that you (and Jo and Harry and Vee too!) do for our sentient fellow beings. Let the wave of expanding veganism continue! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi HGV! Of course it's never too late for good tidings - Or for reciprocation! Hope you have a fab year too - Expanding the wave of good things! ;)