May 9, 2012

The Irony... What's So Different About Other Species?

Let's see how other animals differ from us... 

We both have physical bodies - Check.
These bodies consist of attributes that allow us to see, hear, taste, etc. - Check
We both have tissue that has nerves, cells, skeltal structure, muscles, even blood color is the same! - Check
We both feel pleasure and pain. Can suffer and feel happiness. - Check and check
To different degrees - Some nonhumans nurture their young more devotedly than humans do...
And some mate for life

Whereas humans often don't.  Check.

And it's not the use of tools, self recognition, or anything else that distinguishes "us" to be better than "them". Enough to use them the way we do. It's simply is that we can call the shots.

The thing though is that many hinge the "supremacy" of man over non-man on something they claim humans do possess but other animals don't. ...A soul! And isn't it so fortunate for these folks that the very thing that gives us the right and power over innocent others is totally subjective and invisible?

Oh the irony!

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