Jun 1, 2012

June is Dairy Cruelty Month

Since 1939ish the dairy industry has claimed June to promote their business... But I know the facts around cow's milk so for me, I acknowledge it as Dairy Cruelty Month. Yippee! Let's get out the noise makers and confetti as I have yet another opportunity to expose their detested, vile practices! You'd think after all these years I'd run out of material - But the dairy industry just keeps the ugliness coming. And as usual, it's always prettied up!

Take this article for instance. The headline says it all! "Dairy Farmers Profit From Kindness". You read that right! They are "kind" for providing their milking slaves medical care when they become injured. But my guess is if the care gets too expensive in relation to what they can milk out of the cow... She's headed to the kill floor for sure.

And then there's these "happy cows" from S.D. who are "like the sun worshippers on the Pacific Ocean in California" because they have beds made of sand. It's doubtful any one of these 1800 cows has ever seen the sun... But what the hay - It keeps consumers contented enough to continue purchasing dairy.

But I said things get ugly... Even uglier than this:

It's disgusting to steal babies away from their mothers... And pen them up in little igloos of isolation.  
Even more gross is that, instead of drinking their own mother's milk as nourishment... 
A truck comes around to feed them porcine plasma protein:
It's disturbing isn't it? Unweaned calves being fed pigs blood...

Yet time and again these "kind" cow-keepers and calf-takers present the idyllic image of wholesome purity. What could be more lovely than the peaceful setting below? A charming assortment of birdhouses amid the colorful flowers available at this veal operation. And the family... So clean-cut and upright they appear to be!

Obviously this man's family is very important to him... But he hasn't a care or worry about the families that he's destroyed...

Veal Skinner by Sue Coe
Or the blood on his hands. 

So party away (for now) dairy folks... Just keep in mind there are abundant, affordable, satisfying, healthy and compassionate options:

Please do not contribute to any harm done to others by the animal industries. 
Have a heart! Respect their lives and live your own ethically. Go vegan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share this. I know nothing about the dairy industry claiming June as their promotional month, but I'm glad you were on top of that to counter an alternative.

Anonymous said...

The dairy industry is disgusting. To talk about ''improving the cows performance.'' Like it's a racing car..Its a living baby. I hate dairy. I hate animal torture. And I hate that they feed herbivores pigs blood. Godsakes, when will this bullshit end?. Thank you for fighting the good fight and raising awareness on what I call, ''The animal holocaust.''

CQ said...

Why does the America's farmers YouTube series portray such decent, intelligent, wholesome families?

I think they're trying to guilt consumers into concluding that there couldn't possibly be anything "wrong" with stealing babies and milk from their moms or with infanticide -- so long as the infant is bovine.

It's bizarre to me that they focus on the health and happiness of the animals when their welfare matters to the bottom line, then they switch their focus to the taste and texture of the flesh when THAT matters to the bottom line. What they skip right over are the unpleasant processes by which they get from one bottom line to the other: rape, kidnapping, imprisonment of the innocent, exploitation of other beings, robbery (to steal a part of a body is not just theft, it's robbery), and, not to be forgotten, plain and simple murder.

veganelder said...

I'm old enough to remember when huckster and drummer were commonly used synonyms for salespeople and that anyone trying to sell things was generally to be looked upon with suspicion. (The euphemism for selling, "marketing" hadn't come into play yet.) In fact "selling" was something folks were forced into when they couldn't get a "real" job. It was looked upon as a trashy and disreputable activity.

Most everyone used to know that...I haven't forgotten but my culture has moved on to a different stance.

I'm still where I was because I believe "selling" is frequently another word for lying.

Dairy is a word used instead of cruelty...cruelty is the more accurate term and as you so eloquently note...no one respectable defends cruelty or tries to sell it.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi animalvisions, The dairy industry selected June to initially promote "ice cream" and then it just blew into the whole milk-mustache, happy cow propaganda. If you ever want to depress yourself just search around to see the slew of dairy "princesses", cheese and butter carvings, parades, expos and outreach events they do in June.

There's a particularly long thorn lodged in my soul as a result of dairy... Thanks for finding this info relevant - And for all you do to expose injustice at your blog too. Nice work!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Claire! It's wonderful to hear you share my sentiments on the vulgar practices of the dairy industry. I'm always particularly annoyed when they fancy-up their doings so that the general public hasn't a clue about what they are really all about. I suppose it's what most of us wanted to believe at one time - They had me hoodwinked for decades!

Glad all the truth about the animal holocaust is leaking out... On it's way to a flood of mutual disapproving consumers who opt for a better way! Stay the good fight! And thanks for dropping by!

Bea Elliott said...

CQ of course you're right - That's exactly their intention to present that "right" image to the public so they can retain their social license to continue. It's murder for hire... But with all the lovely "home spun" charm it's not easy to see it. :(

Oh! And you caught how they "skip" around... It's in almost every animal ag presentation I've seen. It's sort of like what happens in children's books too. A peaceful lamb, chicken or cow just enjoying the sunshine and the gift of being --- Then a page or two later it will show "Tommy" or "Jane" or whoever the character is munching down on a breakfast of bacon and eggs - Being "grateful" for it all. Never allowing a peak at what happens in between.

I think we learn that "skip" from then on - And animal abusers call on it with confidence. It's worked for centuries - right?

Glad you found it... Both figuratively and literally!Thanks! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - Hucksters and drummers - Yup! And snake-oil salesmen and "barkers". Perfect description of marketing! Pitching to the crowds:

"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up folks and get your lily white milk-lies for only pennies on the worth of your soul!..." Or something like that...

I dislike "selling" so badly it's the main reason I stopped watching t.v. a decade ago. My blood pressure would just boil every time I heard another commercial trying to convince me to buy this or that... Ads annoy me to no end - Compound it to adverstising for legalized murder via burgers and a shake and I just couldn't suffer through it any more!

As always - It's wonderful to see your views here. Thanks!