Jun 14, 2012

The Irony... Aged Cheese and Young Veal

There's a dairy that has a museum of sorts - Documenting their history and the process of on-site cheese making. 

Here are some of the illustrations in their collection:

 And here is the kicker in this presentation:

So with consideration to the maturing time of "strong flavored" cheese we can see that most often, the bacteria in the cheese lives longer than the male calves to whom the original milk was denied.

Oh the irony! 
Yet even MORE dairy irony!


CQ said...

The only reason to age inanimate cheese and kill animate calves is that it pays the producers handsomely to do so. Imagine that!

The market price of mature, sharp cheese is enough higher than young, mild cheese to outweigh the cost of keeping it longer in inventory.

Indeed, according to igourmet.com: "... the older [the cheese] is, the more it will cost."

So, if there were a U.S. market for adult male dairy cows, the calves would get to live longer. Of course, the price of aged Holstein would have to be higher than veal to cover the cost of raising the animals to maturity.

But consumers like the taste of young cow flesh, which leads to the macabre, merciless irony you point out so precisely and poignantly.

veganelder said...

Stealing milk from a baby for profit. Stealing the life of a baby for profit. Stealing truth and reality by telling likes about what and why you do what you do.

Sad and disgusting.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi CQ - You're exactly right as the article/video shows - They are trying desperately to make "old calves" more profitable. I suppose for some, killing a 6 month old (rather than a four month old) helps lessen the angst to "veal" and dairy... Ah, but those who gorge on the flesh or cream will swear that that's the circle of life!

Silly us - We think calves, cows and all others should live out the full lives that belong to them! What a "macabre, merciless" world we've been thrust into! :/

Hello veganelder - As I said above... I'm just so full of rotten news all the time - I don't know how you manage to stick around to read my sad musings. But more than I can say -I'm so grateful that you do!

Thank you... Both of you. xox

Have Gone Vegan said...

Ah, another irony post. Love 'em -- so keep them coming! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Will be happy to oblige shortly! Glad you like them as I've got a passel more in the works! :)