Jul 16, 2012

Philip Wollen - Less Formal But Just As Intense: Go Vegan

Just in case you can't get enough of Philip Wollen - He collaborated with David Coles a little more than a year ago to create the video below.

Coles says "If you want to unleash intelligence - Unleash your compassion."

And in speaking of factory farms, slaughterhouses and other killing institutions that nonhumans are subjected to Philip Wollen says "These vile, hideous torture chambers must be torn down. They have no place in civilized society."

As a philanthropist Wollen recalls that at forty he decided to give away all his wealth with "warm hands and die broke". I don't think that will ever happen though... With such immense kindness he's sure to remain the richest man on Earth!

Get rich quick! Unleash the vegan in you!


CQ said...

Oh, yes, I remember watching this a year or more ago when I was first learning about David Coles.

I did not know who Philip Wollen was then, but I gratefully do now.

They're quite a duo, aren't they: not of doomsdayers but of truth-tellers.

They put their money and their morals where their mouth is, literally, don't they!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi CQ - Yes, I posted this video before... Sorry for the "re-run" but at the time I didn't know Mr. Wollen either - And it seems that hearing what he's saying with the full knowledge of what kind of man he is - makes all the difference.

To me he seems like a no-nonsense (morals where their mouth is) kind of action guy... This meat-eating business the world is distracted by must drive him bonkers sometimes. I know it does me!

Thanks for the visit!

Sharon St. Joan said...

Phil Wollen's generosity has made a tremendous difference to the lives of countless animals - and people too.

Bea Elliott said...

I totally agree with you Sharon! Every bit of research of seen shows him to be a boundless giver. He's a rare treasure!