Aug 30, 2012

The Irony... Free Pig-Slaves vs. Industrial Pork

I assume everyone is aware of the correlation and comparisons of animals used as commodities to human slavery. The relationship is obvious and has been called upon as a cornerstone for those who seek abolition and an end to all oppression.
But what a twist... An irony of sorts. As it seems the small "happy-animal" growers are attempting to split hairs not on what system of agriculture is slavery but rather that the "breed" of victim is the criteria. 
The argument is: 
"Once one appreciates that the industrial food system has been based from the beginning in slavery, and that animals are the new slaves. A great deal become clear. Free animals must be gotten rid of and those trying to save them and our common heritage in biodiversity must be branded as felons. Those protecting the pigs, sheep, and other animals, and their crucial biologic diversity for everyone, are functioning just as people did during slavery, risking their own freedom to protect blacks seeking their own.
Our farmers are part of a new anti-slavery movement. Saving the animals, means saving our freedom of food, sustainable agriculture, and ultimately ourselves."
In their figuring - It's not only the industrial housing model that is vicious but the choice of which "pedigree" of livestock that is kept. It is their meat-making facilities that are the ones where the ancestrally "pure" pigs are "free"! And all because the genetics of these captive pigs haven't been manipulated. As if the pig's biological integrity has any consequence to the individual animals...

But in human slavery it doesn't matter what the ethnic group is... The oppression is equally wrong. Likewise it doesn't matter if the porcine "breed" is Gloucestershire, Duroc, Mangalitsa or feral... It also doesn't matter if they are behind close bars or in a barbed wire field... It's wrong to treat any of them as resources or as vermin

The "range", "heritage" or "wild" pigs held as a commodity aren't and can never be "free". The conditions of their captivity maybe different... But in the end... Even the "free" ones have their bodies altered in some way, they're movements are still controlled and restricted, each is made to produce more copies of themselves, families are still separated, and they all still meet the same end meant to benefit their keepers. I'm not seeing a difference worth the mention... In small or giant holdings, the pigs are denied  genuine control of their own lives. They are both enslaved to benefit the monetary greed and gustatory gluttony of someone else. The camouflage of the size of the operation or the "breed" of the animal, does nothing to alter the intent in the end... Both examples reduce living beings to consumable objects! No system of animal "agriculture" hosts any "free" beings! The only "free" pigs are those left outside of man-made traps.

That said, I think it's disingenuous, pitiful and ironic indeed that some slave-holders would call out other slave-holders for being the blacker kettle. The only true liberators are those who have removed themselves from the "animals as property" paradigm completely. They are vegan and not part of any system that uses other lives for their own gratification. Free the victims and yourself as well - Don't buy into "happy", "humane" or "free" meat - There simply is no such thing. 

"The pigs and other farm animals - they've typically just been used for domestication, sort of like slavery. We are just exploiting them for our own purposes - And nobody is stopping to realize there's someone behind that face." 
Judy Woods Founder of Pigs Peace Sanctuary A Home for Life


veganelder said...

You wrote: "Don't buy into "happy", "humane" or "free" meat - There simply is no such thing."

Happy murder is an oxymoron. No matter what kind of verbal gymnastics are applied.

Bea Elliott said...

Yep veganelder - A total contradiction. A total con-fabulated lie.

I did read this just a few minutes ago in response to someone who praised eating "contented" animals... A guy replied: "God, why are humans such a disgrace? How poisonous does your soul have to be to actually eat fellow warm-blooded, suckling mammals in this cold universe? May you be reincarnated on Mars as a fossilized bacterium."

Great answer to anyone who's in the fog of "happy"...

Thanks for joining in another facepalm moment. :/

Anonymous said...

What is a facepalm moment?

How odd that if animal rights activists equate the human slave trade to the animal slave trade, we're told we are insane.

Yet if a small pig farmer calls a hog factory farm a slave system, well, then, they're right.

Then, too, humans who subjugate animals are horrified by government tyrants who violate their "property" rights, yet it's fine for them to tyrannize the poor animals -- violently murdering them and getting paid to do it.

Is that called hypocrisy?

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia - I know! It is quite a twisted knot the animals are snared in isn't it? It's nuts!

And when something's nuts... Generally you put your hand over your face... Sort of in disbelief (disgust)... That's a facepalm. I do about 6 a day - Just to keep in shape! Ha-Ha!

Thanks for dropping by to witness and protest the blatant hypocrisy.

Harry said...

The fog of "happy" - I like that. So very true.

And as to only 6 facepalms a day - my number of daily FPs has reduced to 6 because I'm not getting out enough! You too?

Yet another great post. Thank you.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Harry - So sorry I missed your comment - My spammy thing isn't feeling well these days. :/

And oh gee - Depending on where I go on the web I can do 6 FP's an hour! It takes a world of humor to keep moving on!

As usual - Thanks for your visit. ;)