Dec 29, 2012

2013 - An Ethical Change - A Vegan Chance

Out of all the annoying (and dumb) things people say to defend their animal killing/flesh eating, carnist views - the silliest to me has always been this: "You're never going to change everyone! People are always going to eat meat (eggs and dairy)..."  It bugs me so much because it shows how narrow minded they are... The only thing in life that is predictable is change. Everything becomes obsolete.  

As we prepare to bid 2012 goodbye we can choose to look to a future where better thinking and kinder living prevails. Here's a round up of what these better days might look like:

Future History of Animal Rights in the West (2080)

A Non-Speciesist World Of 2094

An informal poll predicts the rise of vegans in 2050 to be one in ten people.
And a future conversation might sound like this.

Now I'm not normally an over-optimistic soul... But without a crystal ball no one can really say what's on the way in years to come.  If we're such a great species, with these huge reasoning brains I can't help but hope that we'll figure a way to end the violence and self-destructive acts that keep us anchored in a hurtful, fossilized past.

What do you say to an ethical change in 2013? Want better health? A healing planet? Respectful treatment to all others? An untroubled conscience? Sure you do! 

For the happiest of New Years: 
Let hate, fear and ignorance be relegated to an obsolete past.
Live kindly. Live aware.

Be the change you want to see in the world. ... Mahatma Gandhi 

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