Jan 9, 2013

It's Simple! Be Vegan & Budget the Planet

As my last post in 2012 indicated... It's great to have an optimistic outlook for the future. Still I think it's important to balance this positive view with reality as well.  Plainly put just like the fiscal cliff, the environment can't stand much more of our insatiable consumerist appetite. The long version of the consequences is here.

Steve Best gives a short assessment of the problem: Who is homo sapiens?

And artist Steve Cutts compiled a telling visual account of Man:

Although I'm already conscientious about not wasting anything... Most everything I buy is purchased "pre-owned" anyway... When I have no more need of an item -  I sell it at my own garage sale. Everything is sifted, salvaged, saved and sieved. It's not only financially savvy to live this way - But it's about the only way our planet and it's resources are going to last...

When I do spend money - It's wisely on things that are essential. And I don't mind making that cash do double duty either:
Perhaps this is the way that money should talk?
For the sake of the Earth and it's inhabitants I hope we all resolve to budget what we use as if there is a limit to what is ethically ours to possess... Surely the lives of others now or the future of generations yet to come is not to be spent! 

So as we pack away the excessive baubles and bows of the season and reflect on a history of way too much taking - Now is the time to bestow a much needed simple gift to our planet.  

"What can I do as one small individual" Q&A with Philip Wollen

“Live Simply, So that Others May Simply Live.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Anonymous said...

Even before I knew who that gloomy-looking, hunched-over figure was, I knew I didn't want to listen as he began making his even gloomier assessment of this planet's prospects.

And then when I heard his name, I definitely knew why I stopped watching End Game.

You'll find an explanation for my cryptic comment in the second of these back-to-back essays:

1. www.zcommunications.org/blood-and-soil-lierre-keith-michael-pollan-and-the-trouble-with-locavore-politics-by-john-sanbonmatsu


2. www.zcommunications.org/more-on-persons-and-the-politics-of-killing-animals-my-response-to-derrick-jensen-by-john-sanbonmatsu

Sorry to say, Steve Best, for all his earnestness and his consistently compassionate message (unlike Jensen's anti-some-animals one), also depressed me.

Thank goodness, the same sense of urgency -- the same call to save our planet now -- can be imparted in delightful ways, with humor (amazing artist Steve Cutts' "MAN" and Bea's "Go Vegan" variously denominated Dead Presidents) and with kindness (Philip Wollen's short video).

No comment on Earthlings. I refuse to watch and be devastated by its images (and probably sounds, which are often even more horrifying to me).

I hope I haven't sounded too negative here. Bea, you needed to make your point graphically for those who haven't learned what you and I already know. So I'm not dissing you! Far from it.

Once again, you pulled out all the stops, even if some of them are more appealing than others.

And thanks for concluding your call for "simplicity" with sweet Jewel's "Simple Gifts" -- a fitting tribute to two sweet and simple little hens named Susan and Ruth. Bless them both. And you, too, Bea.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia! I suppose the way that I glean, sift and salvage what I can from physical things... I do the same with facts I learn - Regardless from whence they came. Truth is truth - right?

I too disagree with Jensen's selective speciesism - In this respect, as far as I can tell, he's a meat-eating, environmental apologist. As you know some will do anything in order to refrain from personal change. I find his political insights valid though... It may be gloom - But in all honesty if we continue on this course (as we probably will) his predictions as well as Steve Best's aren't that far off. :/

You've given me something to reflect on though - And it's the probable reality of "choir preaching"... Any videos, news or links to information has already been absorbed and acted upon by 99% of anyone who reads blogs such as this. Most of the time it's "either you know and you care... Or you don't care to know." Still, we can't help trying I guess.

Thank you for your kind words about Ruth and Susan which I certainly will write about shortly... And for introducing me to the "Simple Gifts" song that has a great message we would all be wise to follow. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have to admit I'm lazy with links (although I watched the two Steve's), but LOVE the idea of doing double duty with bills. Am totally going to follow suit! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi HGV! Wish I could say the vegan dollars were my idea... Honestly can't remember where I came across it - But it's good idea. Can't wait to actually receive one already done - Hey! It might be yours!

There's nothing you could possibly learn from the longer video... I already know you care and act on what you know. Thanks for doing that and for dropping by. ;)