Mar 18, 2013

Irony - Flamed or Frozen Dairy Cow Teats

In a strange bit of irony not uncommon in an industry that claims to "kindly" enslave and kill it's "stock" - The dairy industry tries to figure out cures for teat frost bite, a problem exacerbated by the use of wet teat dips meant to ward off mastitis.

Protecting the udder and teats is imperative to assure a cow’s longevity in the herd. Damage to the mammary gland, in any form, can be devastating to the usefulness of the dairy cow.

While trying to prevent frost-bitten teats, at the same time this industry throws hot flames to the cow's udders in an effort to remove hairs that might even possibly help protect her in colder weather.
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Stealing cow's milk is unnatural. It's unnecessary. And it's terribly unkind.
Go Vegan and leave Sonny's milk to him!


veganelder said...

Goebbels would be proud of these folks.

Bea Elliott said...

Yes I see after reading about the Goebbels why you'd say that... What a failure - He couldn't even orchestrate the murder of his family correctly. What a monster.

I tire of these people - I'm sickened by them more each day. That they should suck an ounce of oxygen while so many suffer at their hands. It's a frustration that's hard to bare.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there.

proud womon said...

how can anyone even attempt to justify this (or any other) pain and suffering endured by cows enslaved by the dairy industry...

Bea Elliott said...

How can they justify themselves? Easy answers: ignorance, apathy and greed. With such infrequent resistance and protest there is to the exploitation of others - Makes you and a small handful: rare gems. Thank you for caring.