Mar 26, 2013

The Irony - End of Lay Hens & End of Day Glass

When I read this article I couldn't help but see the irony between what happens to "spent hens" used for their eggs and items made from left over glass. Both beautiful. Both fragile. Both "valued"... But their final fate so very different than each other.

The article posted at World Poultry states: 
Unlike broilers which [sic] are reared for meat and yield a valuable food product, end-of-lay (or ‘spent’) hens are considered a by-product of the egg industry.
Due to their low economic value, spent hens are unattractive to most poultry-processing companies. Thus, globally, the poultry industry is faced with billions of spent hens every year. The majority of poultry in commercial production are ultimately transported to processing facilities at the end of their commercial lifecycle. 

The article goes on to suggest better "welfare" measures to transport these "unattractive" birds to their slaughter... Well, anyone who knows the "commercial lifecycle" of male chicks and "unproductive" hens knows the bloody rest of it.

Don't you know if any one of us were one of these chickens nearing the finish mark of their "commercial lifecycle" we'd do everything we could to pump out one last egg for this Easter's festivities. Anything to bring a smile to the human faces that never see us. :/
From United Poultry Concerns

But here's one girl Ginger... 

She's the last in the small flock of "spent hens" that came to my care almost 5 years ago. She's watched each of her sisters enjoy their piece of life in the sun and earth and through the seasons... Their life-cycles were what they were born to have minus the end toll of human greed and gluttony

Ginger lost the last of her original flock about 6 months ago and like the others before her, her egg laying has been sporadic or non-existent for years. It doesn't bother any of us one bit! Her body isn't valued for what it expels but rather for she whose being possesses it. That is concern for her "welfare". Each morning that I enter my yard I'm thrilled to see her beautiful face! Only those who are unattractive wouldn't see the same!

If any reader here would love some alternatives to "Easter Eggs" This Vegan Life has some great resources. And of course throughout the year there are baking alternatives, Veggs, and other options. Not to mention what's coming in the future!

Like glass... Life is fragile. Handle with care. Please don't harm anyone when you can avoid it. 


veganelder said...

Hooray for Ginger! And thank you thank you thank you.

I'm sorry Ginger lost her friends, please give her my greetings and condolences.

Thanks for writing this.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi! And gosh --- No thanks are owed to me for simply doing what I could to help fix the mess my species created in the first place! (sigh)

Ginger appreciates your sentiments. With the many in the flock that have become her friends as well - I think she has more purpose and motivation to stay "young". And I'm hoping to add the tag-line "forever".

I'm always pleased by your visits and comments - Thank you! ;)