Apr 2, 2013

Dairy Fools - Not Unique to April 1st

I wish I could say this was a prank... An Onion piece... Or an April Fool's joke - But it's not.

Choopan Dairy in Iran just made claim to the world's record of the largest ice-cream cup. The celebration was in Tehran where thousands gathered to share in the media-blitz event. The ice-cream cup contents weighs 11,023 lbs topping the 2005 previous record holder Baskin Robbins.  Citizens are a-glow in "national pride" over the "achievement".

"I'm here with my family to see the biggest ice-cream in the world in Iran and Iranians are making it and I think everyone is having fun," said another person attending the event.

Well... We in the know --- The ones who aren't fooled by the dairy lies, are certain that not everyone is having "fun" making ice-cream.

We also wonder where Iran is getting all the feed for the cows and all the water to process milk. Especially considering that it takes about 2,000 gallons of H2o to make 1 gallon of the stolen, liquid poison. Hum?

As a friend mentioned today... It's no coincidence that the word "evil" is "live" only inside-out. It's backward. It's contrary to everything that's true. For these cows and calves, for the U.S. and eventually Iran too - The lies will catch up when droughts, hunger and ill health abound because wrong, wasteful models of gluttony and greed have been hailed as "progress". 

He screams in the making of ice-cream
Best Vegan ice creams: Two scoops - Hold the dairy.


Anonymous said...

Trust Bea to find every obscure dairy event. She does.

Checked out all the links, but refused to watch the "Make the Connection" video (too heart-hurtful).

Not sure what the big white box at the top of the page with the "no" sign in the middle is all about, but the "Go Vegan" graphic at the bottom is powerful. It would surely convert me to nut drinks and rice cheese and soy yogurt were I still hooked on cow's milk (forcing the cows to remain hooked up to those vile machines).

I hope it's fitting that my name, O-liv(e)-ia, is not O-evil-ia. It's tragically fitting that the name Choopan means "shepherd," considering that sheep farmers are as "evil" as cow farmers when it comes to sealing the fate of the "live" animals in their possession: off with their heads.

BTW, if you're wondering whether the Choopan website has a "fun" kid's page, it does.

veganelder said...

Good for you, I heard about this "record" and thought they should rename it to the largest bowl of cruelty. Yuk!

Sacrifice and Patriarchy said...

Thank you for this post. I think the graphic from Animal Rights Media is very effective (sadly). I am wondering how you were able to access it. When I searched for Animal Rights Media, I found a link to


However, it will not display in my browser (Internet Explorer). Do they have a different URL now?

Thanks again.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi O-liv(e)-ia! I don't find these stories... Google Alerts do --- Many more than I can handle half the time. Sure is a lot of junk out there. :/

And of course the Choopan website has a "fun" kid's page - I haven't seen a consumer based animal ag site that doesn't include the "young-folks indoctrination" page. Sickening.

Sorry... I don't even know where this big white box with the "no" sign is... (?)

Keep enjoying your nut drinks and rice cheese and soy yogurts... It is good for your kind heart! <3

Bea Elliott said...

The largest bowl of cruelty - Yep that would be much more accurate veganelder...

Amid all that tonnage of suffering I can't help but imagine the one calf and one mother who would have loved the experience of mutual nurturing.

When we humans are bad - We're really good at it. :(

Thanks for your voice of genuine care.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Sacrifice and Patriarchy! I found the image through Pininterest. I too can't get to any site called Animal Rights Media - But if they're the same group they do have a facebook page:
And I do "like" their page and posts very much...

Thanks for dropping by - And for your efforts to make (sad) things better.

Anonymous said...

There's a dairy commercial showing on Canadian TV right now (I'll try and make a note of their website sometime) that's driving me nuts. In it there's a chef and a woman acting as if she's a nutritionist of some kind pointing out how many dairy products we need to consume every day. Every time she says "dairy products" I yell "you mean calcium!" at her, but so far it hasn't helped. ;)

Worse though is the diagram aimed at teenagers showing how they need at least 5 dairy products a day. Talk about misleading! On the other hand, I figure they must be getting desperate and realizing that dairy consumption is dropping for them to resort to such misleading advertising.

Bea Elliott said...

Gee HGV --- I've got a folder full of annoying dairy commercials. :( The one that bugs me most is on youtube. It's part of the "make us part of your family" series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBS6HMdkNAw They will go to no end to make their cruel practices and unhealthy products normalized. (sigh)

I'm with you on your guess that good information is being effective too! Sadly they're such a big and influential entity that it takes a mountain to move a mountain. :/

Let's stay at it! ;)